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Hi Everyone,

I thought I would post about something new to me that I am aiming to conquer this year. I have taken on 4 reading challenges to try and get through a few books on my TBR list that I wouldn’t immediately pick up, also I want to try and buy less books this year (which is probably going to fail miserably) and instead read the ones that I already own. These challenges are a great way to encourage you to read the books that you have been putting off and try a genre that you wouldn’t go for immediately. Now all the challenges I have listed below run from January 2014 until the 31st of December 2014 so if you want to participate get started as soon as possible although you can join at any time of the year.

chunkster challenge 2014a

The first book challenge that I’m taking on is the Chunkster Reading Challenge Now the website for this is a really cute blog site that stipulates all the requirements for this challenge. The moderator isn’t setting any specific number of books you should read which is nice because you can challenge yourself. I am going to set myself a target of 10 books over 450 pages. Ideally I am going to try and read one a month so I’m choosing 10 in case I fall behind or have something super important to do that is kidnapping my full attention.


The second reading challenge I am participating in this year is the Read Your Freebies challenge. This is where anyone with a kindle who loves a bargain has downloaded lots of free books but hasn’t read them. Now I am soo guilty of this and really need to participate in this challenge. I am forever getting the free books of Amazon and never getting round to reading them. For this challenge I am going to attempt to read 12 books which is the smallest level you can choose. However this is a good start for me to try and conquer the hoards of books on my kindle plus the other books I choose to read each month.


The third challenge I am attempting this year is the TBR Reading Challenge and exactly what I need to get through the shelves of books collecting dust. Out of the levels I am going to choose ‘First Kiss’ which is anywhere between 21 and 30 books. Now the reason I set the challenge so high is because I am hoping to read 30 books this year and reduce the amount of books I buy. Therefore if this goes well I will minimise my TBR list and increase my bank account….heres hoping.

DCR Banner

And the final book challenge I am participating in this year is the Dystopia Reading Challenge Dystopian novels are not something I am familiar with, I haven’t read many so I am challenging myself this year to read out of my comfort zone and try some Dystopian books. Over on GoodReads I have added so many to my TBR list and I may have to bend the rule on book buying slightly to conquer this challenge but I’m sure throughout the year it won’t be as much as usual. For this challenge I am going to attempt the second level just so as I have time to enjoy any other books in between too. For this challenge I am attempting the ‘Rebel Level’ which is 7 to 12 books of the Dystopian genre. I am hoping to make my way through this list with at least one series which I am sure shouldn’t be a problem since I have found loads of recommendations. If you want to recommend any Dystopian novels, go on ahead and leave a comment below. I would appreciate any more recommendations!

As the challenges commence I will try to post updates each month of the books I have been reading for the challenges and reviews for most of the books I am reading. There are so many challenges out there to choose from but I am trying to keep the list manageable because this is something I haven’t done before but am determined to do. Have a look at the different challenges you could try this year and maybe attempt something new. Or if you are already participating in some challenges this year why don’t you tell us in the comment boxes below.


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