January Book Haul #1

book haul January 2014

Ok so only yesterday I posted about how I was going to try and not buy my books this year and instead read the ones that were collecting dust on my bookshelves. This was going well until I found out there was a book sale currently on in The Works, a store here in the UK. They had a deal on where you could buy 3 books for £5 so naturally I bought 9 books. Minor fail on the resolution but I walked away with some amazing books and managed to delete some of the books I had added to my amazon wish list, bringing us down to what I would like to call a ‘respectable’ figure.

So here goes my very first book haul, listed below are my indulgent buys from yesterday. I did consider typing the synopsis of each book below but it would probably take me too long and I didn’t want to copy and paste them from another site so I’ve decided to link the books to goodreads or the publisher for you to check them out. If you have read them, why not leave a comment telling me what you thought or if any of them interest you. Reviews to follow!

Labyrinth – Kate Mosse
So I am probably a little late on the band-wagon with this one since it was published in 2005 and I’m pretty sure there’s a movie by the same name that was based on the book, but it sounds like an intriguing read. It’s also one that I can add to my Chunkster Challenge!


Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares – Rachel Cohn and David Levithan
As soon as I saw it in the sale I knew I had to have it. This book was on my wish list after so many book-tubers and blogs had talked about it. It just sounds so sweet and a nice Christmas time book so I may hold off on reading this one until closer to Winter.


The Vincent Boys (#1) – Abbi Glines
So I heard about this one in the same way as Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares. When I saw it at a great price I had to buy it and luckily the sequel was sitting on the same shelf in the sale too…victory! There is a third book in the series that is due to come out this year so maybe this will encourage me to read these books fairly soon.

The Vincent Boys

The Vincent Brothers (#2) – Abbi Glines

The Vincent Brothers

Pushing the Limits – Katie McGarry
I have heard so many things about this author and she kept appearing on Amazon so naturally I had to get it. It sounds like such a mystery read, I love the idea that the protagonist is in search of a lost memory and the only person that will help her is this bad boy figure, completely out of line with her goody-two-shoes image. Probably going to read this one pretty soon, then again I think this with them all.


New Girl – Paige Harbison
I read a review for New Girl on goodreads and when I spotted it in the shop I couldn’t help but think of it as a guilty pleasure. Being in my twenties, this book seems more ‘young adult’ with the school drama and fitting in scenario. Secretly, I love this. I also love murder and mystery but sometimes you just need a good school girl scene to lift the mood.


Room – Emma Donoghue
Again this is one I spotted on the booktube world, and immediately thought it was an ordinary and individual book that would punch hard with the emotions. From what I gathered it’s about a young boy who sleeps in the wardrobe of a room he has been locked in. Already it sounds heart breaking and psychological …need to read this.


Witch Light – Susan Fletcher
I love a good witch book so when I spotted this one with the black and white cover and the bright orange title, I had to have it. It’s set in the 16th Century in Scotland so it sounded quite new to me for a witch story. From what I have read before most witch stories are set in Salem in America or elsewhere so this immediately appealed to me. Being from Northern Ireland, nothing is better than reading a book set in the UK.


The Doll’s House – Tania Carver
Spooky book alert – when I read the synopsis I thought it sounded a bit too creepy for me but as I walked around the shop I kept thinking about what I had read so I had to buy the book. Murder, Mystery and super creepy murder scenes set up in the style of a dolls house…china tea cups and everything. I think I’ll leave this one until the summer when there is plenty of light and it doesn’t start to get dark at 4pm.


This probably isn’t the only time this year I will fail my ‘buying no books’ resolution as I am planning on visiting a second-hand bookstore this weekend but books are for life…I promise to try harder next week!

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