I Heart Paris – Lindsey Kelk


After reading The Book Thief I thought something a bit lighter and fun would be next on the agenda. I picked up this book unintentionally while doing the weekly shop, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it because the day before I was recommending I Heart New York to a friend, the first in a long line of I Heart novels by Lindsey Kelk.

I Heart Paris was funny, romantic and just like I Heart New York, it encapsulated the fun Bridget Jones atmosphere that every girl loves in a book. The honesty and realistic character Angela makes the book what it is and her clumsy persona is immediately lovable and relatable. Equally as addictive, I had to know what was happening so it didn’t take me long to slot the book into my busy weekend schedule to unveil Angela’s adventures in Paris.

This book may look like a follow-on from the original I Heart New York but it could act as a stand-alone. By all means I would recommend I Heart New York first just so as you know the story behind a Londoner in the big apple but I Heart Paris could be read with no background knowledge to Angela. There are some referrals to I Heart Hollywood which I haven’t read yet but nothing too mind-boggling that you can’t follow the story.

If you are looking for a light-hearted, fun, girly novel similar to Bridget Jones’s adventures or the activities of the Sex and the City ladies then pick up one of the I Heart books, they are hilariously intriguing and honest with no attempts to create an unrealistic female protagonist. Plus at the end of each book there is a list of all the places Angela visits on her journey which I particularly enjoyed in the New York novel after she visited a quaint little café/shop completely dedicated to chocolate! So why not give it a read, a giggle and reignite your love of chick-lit!


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