The Fault in Our Stars – Official Trailer Release

The highly anticipated trailer for the The Fault in Our Stars was released today leaving me with a cocktail of emotions predominantly emerging as fear and excitement. From the trailer there is an overwhelming feeling that John Green’s novel has been portrayed on the big screen exactly as it does on paper. Watching the trailer the characters appear in front of me almost exactly as they appeared in my mind, quoting exact phrases from the book and exerting the body language that was entwined in each sentence of each page. This brings me onto the two ruling emotions that gripped me while watching the trailer, fear; what if the movie director has embellished the storyline and not stayed true to the original plot despite the trailer showing such promise and is it appropriate to sob in the cinema like I did at 3am when I was finishing the last few chapters of the book in bed? I am terrified that amongst the teenagers that will be crowding the cinema on the opening night I will be sitting with my box of Kleenex wailing in the back row with some poor soul stuck beside me wondering what they did in a past life to get put next to me for two hours. So I probably will have to wait at least a week just to be sure that last worry doesn’t happen. Of course the excitement is obvious; they just made a movie of The Fault in Our Stars! For all the obsessive readers that have waited a year I have no idea how you coped because I only read this book a few weeks ago and I have needed to see this trailer.

Despite the mixture of feelings, I don’t really have much to say about the actor and actress playing Gus and Hazel, and I don’t think it would be fair to make a judgement based on a minute trailer. Are they what you envisioned when the plot unfolded? Did you expect more or from what you’ve seen are they perfect? I think for me it’s only when I watch the movie and the characters unfold and the emotions and chemistry capture me that you’ll know if they are believable and suited. All I know is I can’t wait to see the actor playing Peter Van Houten and how he portrays that attitude.

I have to see it but maybe just not until the hype goes down and I can cry in the corner without scaring any other viewers. Plus without rubbing salt in the wound, any UK enthusiasts like me still have a few months to wait until the movie release but at least until then we can pine over the trailer.


2 thoughts on “The Fault in Our Stars – Official Trailer Release

  1. Megan says:

    Hello m’love! Greatly enjoyed this and I know full well that you and I will be crying in the cinema together. I think the two of them are PERFECT as Gus and Hazel. They’ve acted in Divergent together (as brother and sister but ssh) so I think the chemistry between them will be amazing and believable as they know how each other works. Willam DeFoe plays Van Houten and I think that he is perfect for him as well, so here’s hoping he does him justice. John Green has said from his vlogs from the set that Josh Boone (the director) has managed to fit nearly everything in to the movie, and that the script is almost identical to the book. He’s probably more excited about it than the fans (and if you don’t believe me check his twitter haha).

    Much love, Megan.

    • mrsmamfa says:

      Love the comment and exactly what I was after when I started the blog! At least I will have a worthy partner in the cinema to cry with. I didn’t want to jump to conclusions with the official trailer only being released today but your analysis sounds legitimate and I agree. I just can’t wait to become completely engrossed in the cinema just like I did with the book and I am so happy to hear that John Green is happy with the production. You can almost guarantee a beautiful movie portrayal if the author contributes. So count me on board, I’ll see it with you!

      P.S Divergent is the next book I will be reading 🙂


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