Pushing The Limits – Katie McGarry


Mystery, emotion and romance unfolded in the pages of Pushing the Limits, the beginning of the book questioned my reading choices as I delved into the familiar scene of high school, social hierarchy and the traditional ‘bitchy’ situation. It was a normal setting for many books I’ve read before and will probably read in the future, addressing that renowned daily life that everyone at some stage or another is forced to endure. However, it wasn’t more than a few chapters in that I was hooked. Echo, a teenage girl scarred physically and emotionally from a past that haunted her, a social pariah searching for an explanation to regain normality and Noah, showing all the traits of the typical bad boy but actually a victim of the foster care system trying to regain the normality that escaped him when he lost his family.

Beautifully the lives of these two teenagers are intertwined in a bid to find their missing pieces and become whole again, in doing so they find something in each other to help ease the journey.

This book is something that would definitely appeal to the YA enthusiasts out there. At the beginning I suddenly felt my age wondering if I had outgrown YA fiction but as I settled into the story and became interested in the characters I was encouraged to read on and discover their fate. I really enjoyed the plot, the writing style and the layout and would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys YA or teenage reads, anyone who wants an easy read and something slightly lighter. The plot has its dark twists and emotional moments so don’t expect a happy-go-lucky experience.

On GoodReads, I gave this book a 4 out of 5 stars, I really enjoyed it and it was exactly what I was after this week.

I am probably going to buy the next two editions in this trilogy to see what else there is to offer in the lives of the characters, so keep an eye out in my next few book hauls and if you’ve read Pushing the Limits or the whole trilogy why not comment below about what you thought.

Book two


Book Three


From what I have heard the next two books actually follow the lives of two other characters from the Pushing the Limits, Noah’s friends Beth and Isiah. They could be read as stand alone novels but since I got this far, I will probably read them in order of release.


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