Hurray for the Weekend!!


So I’ve decided to start a new weekly post called Weekend Reads to discuss which book or books I will be reading over the weekend. Over the past day I have been reading Divergent by Veronica Roth which I bought this week along with Insurgent and Allegiant, the rest of the trilogy in my latest January Book Haul. So far I am addicted and finding it hard to put the book down even to make a cup of tea. Therefore in between going to work, going to see Ron Pope tomorrow night and visiting the family on Sunday I will be dedicating my time to finishing Divergent and starting Insurgent. I am hoping to read the series over the next week, making a dent in my Dystopian Reading Challenge and starting of February’s reading list.

untitled (7)

On Sunday evening, I will post an update on my reading accomplishments this weekend and if I managed to get through some of the Divergent series amongst my busy schedule.

What’s your weekend reads?

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