Weekend Reads #3

Hey Everyone!

untitled (9)

Welcome back to the third edition of weekend reads, this week I have been buried under Uni assignments and I am making an effort to spend this weekend reading and relaxing. I have a few pages left of Allegiant and I am excited to see how it ends and also I am hesitant to reach the end of the trilogy that I don’t want to end.

In the true form of Valentine’s Day the next book I am going to pick up this weekend is The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines, a good girl falls for the bad boy story. This book was originally an eBook release that was made popular by its increasing fan base. I heard about this book over on the world of youtube and managed to grab it on sale in my January book haul. At the same time I managed to get the second book, The Vincent Brothers so hopefully if I enjoy the first book enough, at least I will have the following book to get stuck into immediately.

The Vincent Boys (2)The Vincent Brothers

The Vincent Boys follows the story of Ashton Gray, a pretty preacher’s daughter who dating the handsome, jock at school. However, the story takes a turn when Sawyer, her sporting boyfriend leaves for the summer and Ashton gets the chance to spend time with Sawyer’s cousin Beau. We all know this sounds like a typical teenage read but everyone has their guilty pleasures and every once and a while there’s nothing I love more than a teen read to separate the intense reads.

Well Happy Valentines Day and have a great reading weekend! What will you be reading this weekend?


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