Allegiant – Veronica Roth


The last few days have been an emotional train wreck since I finished the Divergent trilogy. Allegiant was an exciting read but an incredibly unexpected ending. I didn’t know where the book was going and all of a sudden it felt like the dystopian feel had disappeared into the shadows because the plot almost became believable. With saying that, I still really enjoyed the book and I can see myself reading the entire series again in the future.

This final book was written from the perspective of both Tris and Four which was interesting because it was nice to see inside Four’s head and hear his thoughts. As for Tris and Four, their development throughout the journey was addictive. Watching them both grow individually was an interesting process with family issues, betrayals and coming to terms with the uprising. Tris and Four’s relationship had my attention from the first book and I was inpatient to know what would happen next, however part of me feels a little let down by the ending and at the same time another part of me is fighting to reason with Veronica Roth’s decisions. The way Allegiant ends is justifiable, I can’t imagine another way that would have mirrored the serious undertones of the plot. I am blinded also by the ending because I can’t picture the future of the characters in the mundane society left behind. With a conflict, uprising and the murder of so many people, I found it difficult to picture the remainder of civilisation returning to the everyday life…but then I was hit by a sickening reality that this is what happens. Wars are fought nearly every day in some parts of the world and the rest of humanity moves on whilst some pick up the broken pieces of destroyed lives and while others spectate.

So the review got a little deep but overall, I loved this book, I loved this trilogy and I think the only disappointing moment for me was that it ended with no hope of revival. Although I would have liked to have read a more fantastical ending, I just know it wouldn’t have been right.

I’m giving this book a 5 out of 5 stars on goodreads because overall it complimented the rest of the series and ended the trilogy perfectly. If you haven’t read Divergent, I highly recommend it and the rest. It is the first trilogy in so long that has captured my undivided attention and left me longing for a new dystopian read. Recommendations greatly needed.


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