The Carrie Diaries – Candace Bushnell

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The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell is a brilliant coming of age story. Following the life of Carrie Bradshaw and the difficulties of school, the social ladder, boyfriends and the future that lies ahead, this plot was engrossing and exciting. I became interested in these books after watching the TV show and was reminded by the common idea that the books are usually better than the adaptations. After reading The Carrie Diaries it is impossible to compare the two as they are so different that they may as well have separate titles. The characters in the book have different mannerisms, personalities and in some cases different names. The TV adaptation has left out some characters too from the book which is a common move in any book-to-screen adaptations, but in this case I would love to see these characters as they are so full of energy and make a considerable impact on the books plot.

The main character Carrie Bradshaw is the same Carrie from the Sex and the City novels, with the exception that this book follows her life as a teenager. Set in the 80’s Candace Bushnell captures the fun fashion and hairstyles, the music, and encapsulates the time period perfectly. She even explores the sexual freedom, alcohol and cigarettes party scene that became part of the 80’s era.

Carrie herself is a fun-loving everyday character that ponders the general questions that every girl asks herself at least once in their life time. She has the typical friend circle from school, the smart one, the emotional one, the best friend but ingeniously this book investigates the importance of these friends, their loyalties and throws in a few other personalities to spice things up. The ending of the book was a cliff hanger which sent me crazily flipping through the remaining pages of the book searching for answers. Luckily I had the second book at hand, Summer and the City so I could continue following Carrie’s journey to the city and ease my inquisitiveness; however anyone that had to wait on the follow up must have been biting nails.


A great all round read that is perfect for anyone interested in YA, a fan of the Sex and the City books or someone who loves a bit of teenage drama and high school life. I am so happy I got my hands on these books, generously at Christmas from my other half but even happier as they are different from the TV series; and even this is something I didn’t expect or something I would enjoy! I am giving this book a 4 out of 5 over on goodreads because it was a great book, something I enjoyed and definitely something I needed to escape the harsh grasps of reality that were sending my brain into overdrive this weekend.


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