Summer and the City – Candace Bushnell


A little part of me is missing; I finished The Carrie Diaries: Summer and the City.

I genuinely loved this book, just as much as I loved the first instalment. The second book was just as different to the TV series as the first book which made me love it even more. Summer and the City follows the life of Carrie Bradshaw as she transforms her life from the quiet suburban town of Castlebury and begins living her summer in New York.

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The first book, The Carrie Diaries follows Carrie’s journey through school as she faces life’s hurdles of boys, college and friends. In New York, these same problems arise but in a more mature style. As Carrie is forced to confront her dreams of becoming a writer, her transcendence to adulthood and meeting new people who can change her life for better or worse, it’s a great insight into the ups and downs of life.

One thing I found from reading both books was the aspect of identifying with Carrie through both; she faces the same problems that everyone has had to face at some stage of their life. The adventures throughout New York made it all the more interesting and the book really exemplified the fast paced life, the career driven individuals whilst exposing the personalities that strive to make a life for themselves in the big city.

I found the eighties setting throughout both books to be charming, interesting and humorous. I unfortunately wasn’t around to enjoy the eighties fashion and music in that time period with the exception of back combing my hair and pulling on some bright pink leg warmers for a fancy dress party. With this in mind I found the fashion aspect and the parties to be absorbing, encouraging me to read more of the book. When I actually had to time to read it this week I found it difficult to stop as Carrie’s life was engulfing.

I am really happy that both books are completely different to the TV series because it allows me to enjoy both in their own rights. I am really upset that there are only two books in The Carrie Diaries series as I could have read a lot more about Carrie’s life but I suppose this points me in the direction of Candace Bushnell’s other creations. I found the writing style and the layout perfect throughout the book, there were no boring sections that I found myself struggling through or any parts I didn’t enjoy. This leaves me pining for the Sex and the City books and even Lipstick Jungle that I have heard has been transformed into a movie too.

I am giving this book a 5 out of 5 on goodreads because I really enjoyed it. I loved Carrie’s life, her attitude and her journey through New York. The strong personalities of each character in the book make it consistently intriguing and the reader is introduced for the first time to Samantha and Miranda, encouraging me even more to read the Sex and the City books to see if the fiery personalities continue.

If you haven’t read these books definitely give them a go, if you’re a fan of Candace Bushnell what are you waiting for and if you are enjoying the TV series, check out the books which are completely different but still give you a daily fix of the life of Carrie Bradshaw!


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