Weekend Reads #5


This week has been a successful one with reading as I managed to read and finish two books.

Summer and the City by Candace Bushnell – the second edition in The Carrie Diaries books.


The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

untitled (10)

Both books I thoroughly enjoyed and as the weekend not only glides easily into another month of 2014 I hope to start the month off strong whilst wondering how on earth we are already heading into the third month of the new year. Time is going so fast but I can’t help guiltily admitting that I am looking forward to the Spring and hoping desperately that the UK sees some sun and a few sparks of colour in the flower patches.

This weekend I am hoping to lose myself in three books, two of which were featured on my recent February book haul;

The Graveyard Book – Neil Gaiman


This book sounds unusual and gripping, the plot is set around the life of Nobody Owens, a young boy who witnessed the murder of his family, only for the murderer to overlook him. The murderer is not so easily distracted and knows he needs to get the boy as he sets out to find him. However, the young boy ‘Bod’ takes refuge in a graveyard where he befriends spirits and ghosts who in turn take care of him. This book just sound brilliant in every aspect with a mind-boggling and individualistic plot. I can’t wait to get into the pages of this book and also to read my very first work by the highly acclaimed Neil Gaiman.

A Bend in the Road – Nicholas Sparks


In true Nicholas Sparks spirit I know I am in for a rollercoaster of a journey so I already have the tissues at the ready. Recommended by a friend I am determined to read this book as soon as possible. Mile’s Ryan loses his wife in a tragic hit and run accident leaving him pining for closure and to find the individual that murdered his wife. Two years after the accident, Miles falls for Sarah, the teacher of his young son Jonah and immediately they fall for each other, but together they can unravel the secrets that lead to the truth. This book just sounds so mysterious and secretive built on the heart wrenching relationships that Nicholas Sparks is renowned for. I need to know what is going to happen but after The Notebook I am still a bit wary of this man’s abilities as he turned me into an emotional wreck after that. However wish me luck because I am going in!

Going Home – Harriet Evans


Now I am aware this is a book set at Christmas time but I am dying to get into it. Reading the blurb evokes all kinds of warm, fuzzy feelings that in turn make me want a cup of hot chocolate and a cosy blanket to curl into while reading this book. The plot follows the life of Lizzy Walter as she leaves her London flat to return home for the Christmas holidays to Keeper House, the old, very big house that she grew up in. However the story takes a dramatic turn as her parents struggle to hold onto Keeper House, the ex that broke her heart shows up and some skeletons come out of the closet. I am determined to enjoy the last of this miserable weather in true book reading form and spend my weekend wrapped in a blanket next to the window.

Not only am I planning on reading this weekend but The Book Thief was finally released in UK cinemas this week and I am hoping to go and see it. So check back next week because there will be a post about the movie.

Whatever you are doing this weekend, make it a good one and do something you enjoy.


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