A Bend in the Road – Nicholas Sparks


When you hear of Nicholas Sparks you immediately think romance and your mind swirls with scenes from lots of movies that have been based on his stories. For example The Notebook which destroyed me to the point where I can never watch that movie again because I have never been able to supress the ending from my memories after the first time. When my friend recommended I read A Bend in the Road part of me winced with the emotional scars I have been harbouring from The Notebook but this book was great and one I know will stick with me for all the right reasons.

A Bend in the Road follows the story of Miles Ryan, a sheriff who loses his childhood sweetheart and wife to a hit and run accident. Torn with grief and finding her killer, he is surprised to find himself wanting to move on after meeting his son’s teacher, Sarah. Their romance is the key to unlocking his future and the mystery as to who murdered his wife. I was sucked in from the first page!

The book is set out from two perspectives, the narrator follows the lives of the characters throughout the plot but between these chapters there are instances where the writing style changes and the reader hears from the perspective of the driver who killed Miles wife. The reader is taken on a journey through the plot as Miles and Sarah’s relationship builds and the murderer tells his side too, it’s exciting, suspenseful and addictive.

Nicholas Sparks has a well-structured writing style where I found myself entertained and enjoying the book throughout, there were no parts of the book that I found boring or slow. The cherry on top of course is his ability to portray the relationships in the book. Miles and Sarah’s every growing relationship was beautifully entwined in the text and the relationship between Miles and his son Jonah was heart-warming and realistic. Even down to the relationship with Sarah and her mother which was humorous and identifiable as everyone has experienced a parent or family member who cares for them with the sometimes overbearing attitude of Sarah’s mother in the book.

A Bend in the Road is an emotional read but one that is worthwhile for the raw quality of this story. Nicholas Sparks taps into the importance of relationships whilst portraying the difficulties of grief and the challenging steps to move on. On goodreads I am giving this book a 4 out of 5 stars, if I could I would definitely give it a 4 and a half because of its addictive ability and writing quality.

If you are after a beautiful romance with an interesting and unconventional plot, pick up this book!

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