Legend – Marie Lu


A truly intriguing read for any dystopian loving readers.

I have heard so many great reviews about this book and knew I needed to pick it up. I have been craving a new dystopian trilogy to get my teeth into ever since I finished Divergent by Veronica Roth. This book has managed to satisfy my needs until the Divergent movie release in two weeks here in the UK.

Throughout the book I noticed similar patterns with Divergent such as the rebellious streaks, the relationship and class orders. However I began to realise these are clearly defining factors in many of the dystopian books I have encountered this year alone. This is a new genre to me but one I am beginning to really enjoy so recommendations are welcome.

I really enjoyed the relationship aspect in this plot, the strong feelings between family, such as June and Metias and Day with his brothers and mother. It is something in the book that readers can relate to despite being set in a futuristic city. As well as this the military aspect was gripping and dominating throughout as the reader becomes aware of the sheer power and control.

The style of writing is well constructed as the reader follows the plot from the eyes of both June and Day. The different portrayals make the book more intriguing and as both characters are brought together, the plot becomes increasingly gripping as their relationship strengthens and the anticipation to know why they think of each other becomes overwhelming.

Overall I felt this book was a 5 out of 5 stars on goodreads. I really wish they would allow halves because I probably would have given it a 4 and a half stars rather than 5. I found the plot interesting, unique and well-constructed. A definite recommendation for readers that enjoy dystopian books but also for those readers who are new to the genre. Pick this one up if you haven’t read it yet!


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