Weekend Reads #9

Happy Weekend!

Last weekend in March and once again I am reminded by just how quickly this year is going. Despite that this weekend will be equally as busy as the previous ones with the exception that I have a few exciting blog posts to upload. So keep checking back for the March book haul and March wrap up with an update on my chosen reading challenges. I will also have a book review soon on Lindsey Kelk’s About a Girl which is currently making me want to drop everything and run away to Hawaii and hopefully Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins to look forward to.

16279773 (2)untitled (11)

So as I am working all weekend and heading out like the average social individual on Saturday night I probably won’t have a lot of time to read so I am only going to choose one book to get stuck into this weekend.

Therefore the book I will be reading this weekend is The Vincent Brothers by Abbi Glines, the second book in The Vincent Boys series. I read The Vincent Boys last month and really enjoyed it, even if I was a little shocked at the graphic details. If you want to read my review of The Vincent Boys, just click on the book title. However I really enjoyed the light read, the relationship battles, and the teenage love story. It turned out just to be a fun read but one that captured my thoughts for a while after. I bought The Vincent Boys and The Vincent Brothers at the same but didn’t read them together for some strange reason, maybe I wanted something a little different after all the drama from the first book but look out for The Vincent Brother’s review next week too.

The Vincent Brothers

It’s going to be a busy posting week ahead so I am determined to have a good weekend! Make it a good one followers!

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