Daily Reads #3

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I can’t believe we’re already onto the third Daily Reads post, it feels like I was only writing the first one yesterday!

Well this week my reading is once again going to take the same form as last week and despite working every day, I will be spending my evenings wrapped up with a good book. I am still reading The Archived by Victoria Schwab and Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne but hopefully I can get through them this week. I don’t want to rush them though; I really want to enjoy them because that is the point of reading, well for me anyway. Despite falling behind this month I am still hoping to read around four books this month so I have to stay on top of this week to reach my target.

I have a few posts this week to look forward to, the Catching Fire review, and two Book Haul posts will be up over the next few days so keep checking back. I have had to split the Book Haul into two posts because I kind of went on a spending spree and bought a lot of books but I shall elaborate on that in the posts.

Also if you are anything like me and have never taken part in a Bout of Books, I am going to be putting up a post soon about one coming up in May, I am super excited about participating since it will be my very first one and I would love it if some other bloggers, followers or keen readers got involved too. So keep checking back for a post with a link and some information about the next Bout of Books.

Have a good week and don’t forget to keep reading!


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2 thoughts on “Daily Reads #3

    • mrsmamfa says:

      I am enjoying it!! It was a little strange at the start to get my head around and I actually found it a little slow but it is a good book and worth checking out. I’ll have a more detailed review of it up next week! 🙂

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