Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins

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Catching Fire was the perfect follow up to the first book in The Hunger Games trilogy. With the first book ending with the reader craving more, Catching Fire definitely satisfied my desires for more. Without spoiling the book for anyone who hasn’t read it yet I did find the first parts slow but I expected them to get better the further I went into the book and I was definitely right. I think it was a little hard to come down from the fast paced and exciting end to The Hunger Games that as it slowly rolls into the second book it is hard to adjust back to the normal lives of the characters.

One aspect I am really enjoying about the series is the strong female character that is dominating the books so far, Katniss. She clearly puts herself before others but it interesting how the writer hasn’t tried to hide her imperfections. For example she contemplates any selfish actions as she struggles between what she wants to do and what is right. I love her strength to go for what she wants and her determination in achieving that. However I did find her annoying in some parts of the book as she appears caring and selfless, yet still uses others to her advantage. This is something I noticed in both books and I understand some readers might not agree with me but I did find her irritating in some scenes.

I have also grown to love other characters in the book, such as Gale and Peeta. Their devotion to their families and others is beautiful and makes them overall two likable characters. I really enjoyed learning a lot more about Haymitch’s character and to see him in his own house and surroundings. A particular section of Catching Fire that I found intriguing, exciting and gripping was the games, it was addictive reading about past contestants, how they won, the different arenas and skills on show. As personalities combined and strengthened I found the plot began to pick up and became fast-paced and easy to read.

Over on goodreads, I gave this book a 5 out of 5 stars because overall I truly enjoyed the book and love the series so far. Although I found the beginning a little slow, I think that was my reading expectations and inability to contain my excitement and anticipation from the first book. I found the writing style consistent from the first book and flowed elegantly. It is easy to read and compliments the plot, characters and themes of the book.

It is true is that I did not see that ending coming and that this is another series I am well and truly addicted too. Any dystopian lovers, this is perfect for you, with unusual settings and differing scenes. There are also an array of characters from love interests, to strong female characters and an exploration of relationships throughout a family and friend setting. Whatever you are looking for, it will be in this book. Although I say it all the time hopefully I will get round to watching the movies soon!


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