Weekend Reads #13

Hope everyone has big plans for the last weekend in April 2014!!

I am yet again stunned by how quickly this year is going, and how so many things are changing for me from month to month. I have been busy constantly and I don’t think I help that by being someone who feels like they need to be out and doing something with their days.

This weekend I am celebrating my wonderful mother’s birthday by going out for a meal and maybe pouring a few glasses of the deadly vino, don’t judge me, I am human and it is the weekend after all. I am then spending Sunday evening at my cousin’s play leaving me Saturday at work and a more than likely hung-over Sunday to read.

untitled (12)

I am concentrating this weekend on The Pledge by Kimberly Derting which is about a seventeen year old girl called Charlaina who possesses the power to understand all languages. This is important as the plot is set in the future where land is controlled by a fierce queen and society is divided into classes based on language. Charlaina finds herself attracted to a boy called Max who speaks in a tongue she has never heard of. With the lands descending into war, Charlaina finds herself in the predicament of who she can trust.

I have a confession…I think I am becoming addicted to dystopian books. In January of this year I had never read one dystopian book and set myself a challenge to explore this genre and now I think I am well and truly trapped in it. Next month I have to expand my reading genres, are there any books or genres you would like to see featured?

Due to my busy weekend I can’t guarantee I will get far into this book but there are plenty of posts over the weekend and next week to keep you entertained so keep checking back!

Have a great weekend!


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