April Wrap Up and May TBR

We’re into the fifth month of the year and so much has changed in this year so far that I cannot believe how much I have accomplished. Once again I am super excited to get stuck into another month of reading despite a pitiful attempt in April. Having read only 2 books in April I am hoping to read a lot more this month especially with participating in the Bout of Books #10 which I will talk a bit more about later.

April also saw me buying a massive amount of books that I even had to split across two posts. At least I have an enormous pile of exciting reads for this month which I am having trouble deciding between. Below are the pictures of my book haul which you can click on if you want to check out all the books I bought. For now though lets cover the 2 books I read this month and what categories I’ve covered in my chosen reading challenges.

book haul april 4

Book Haul 7

In April I read a disappointing 2 books given that the previous month I read 7! I was hoping to beat 7 books in April but I can always aim to read more in May. The two books I read in April were Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy and Patrick Ness’s The New World, which is the prequel to the chaos walking trilogy. You can check out my reviews by clicking on the book titles or the images.

untitled (11)


Both books this month fell into the dystopian category and therefore increase my Dystopian reading challenge numbers to 8 books. Originally I chose to read between 7 and 12 dystopian books this year but I seem to be beating the challenge earlier than expected. I didn’t read any books over 450 pages, or started my free kindle books challenge so next month has to see me attempting some of the other challenges. You can check out my chosen Reading Challenges by following the link to my original post from January.

As for the month of May I am attempting to read around 8 books or more with the Bout of Books #10 between the 12th of May and the 18th of May and the aggravating itch to attack my new book pile. Below is a list of books I am hoping to read this month, some have carried over from last month’s TBR list and others are from my new and existing pile of books. Any books that you want to see reviews for sooner, feel free to leave a comment or even if you have read one of them, leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Mockingjay – Suzanne Collins


Prodigy – Marie Lu

untitled (23)

Burial Rites – Hannah Kent


The Selection – Kiera Cass


172 Hours on the Moon – Johan Harstad

untitled (25)

Uninvited – Sophie Jordan

Uninvited HC C

Cinder – Marissa Meyer

untitled (27)

Eleanor and Park – Rainbow Rowell


The above list is just a guideline because I change my mind so often when it comes to reading books. As it stands I have already started reading The Maze Runner by James Dashner which after seeing the movie trailer I knew I had to read. I also started Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne again and it’s just so fast paced and exciting. I can’t wait to share the reviews with you. Also be sure to keep checking back over the next few days as I will also be posting two book reviews for the first two books I have read this month.

Have a great reading month and be sure to check out the Bout of Books #10 for this month!


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