The Maze Runner – James Dashner


‘…A must for fans of The Hunger Games.’ as it says invitingly on the top of the book but wow, this book blew my head away. It came in and out of my life quicker than I could blink, I’m beginning to feel lost without it and I’m finding it hard to stop myself from jumping in the car and going to collect the rest of the series from my mum’s house!

The Maze Runner follows the story of Thomas, who wakes up in a metal lift that raises him into the company of around 50 boys. Remembering only portions of his life, such as his name and different objects, he embarks on a quest to escape this enclosure and find out his past. He has become part of the Glade, a green area surrounded by high concrete walls that open in the daytime to reveal a horrific maze, patrolled by slug-like creatures. Joining this strange community, Thomas begins the search for answers about where he is, why he’s there and how they can all leave.

I originally moved this book further up my ‘to-read’ list after watching the trailer for the movie. It looked phenomenal and I just knew the book would be amazing but I could never have predicted a storyline like that.

The dystopian plot fed my new found love of this genre and the mystery surrounding the maze’s existence and the character’s purpose had a constant hold of my attention. I cannot begin to emphasise the individual plot this book contains. Yet still the plot is believable to the extent that I was even a little worried at the end, given the primary explanation is a real threat.

The characters in the book are all relatable to friends, acquaintances or even family members therefore they are likeable from the beginning. Dashner has an extraordinary style of writing that places the reader within the pages; I became so absorbed in some chapters that I shared the frustration, panic and excitement of the characters. This in turn served as the catalyst that motivated me to continuing reading as I needed to know what was going to happen.

I know I am being very vague about this book but to mention one detail in turn could spoil the reading experience for anyone that hasn’t lifted this book. I couldn’t recommend it more and due to its uniqueness, character strength and high quality writing I am giving this book a 5 out of 5 starts on goodreads. This is not your common dystopian story, sure it has a futuristic setting and is spotted with unusual beasts but the plot is unpredictable and addictive. Pick this up if you want a fast paced, attention-grabbing read. I am so excited about the next book already not to mention the movie coming out this year so keep checking back because I will definitely be reading this entire series.



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