Monument 14 – Emmy Laybourne


Genuinely sad that this book has ended but so utterly excited that it’s the first in a series. I’m starting to feel that stand alone novels don’t fill that reader’s void anymore, that I’m craving more in depth and addictive storylines that can only be fulfilled from the extensive plots of trilogies or series.

Monument 14 follows the lives of a group of children as young as about 6 to 17 who are stranded in a store following a deadly hail storm. As they adjust their lives to the situation and the fun idea of staying in the store, they are unaware of the madness occurring outside and the problems headed their way.

This book had an array of characters, the popular kids, the annoying children, the sensible ones and the smart ones. It was interesting to read how they adjusted to life inside a store and the thought that must have went into designing the layout must have been extensive. Monument 14 was without doubt an easy read as it was fast-paced, action –packed and easily understandable. I kept imagining the teenagers being trapped in a department store I had been too making the plot relatable, although I can’t guarantee I would have been as smart as the characters in arranging and designating the areas.

The whole concept of a group of children and teenagers being trapped in a store was fun and interesting to read as I felt Emmy Laybourne realistically captured the children’s thoughts and reactions to the events taking place. It was intriguing to read how the younger children accepted the news of destruction outside of the store and how the teenagers had to act responsibly.

Being set in the future and like The Maze Runner having a believable background story had me speculating again about the possibilities of disaster. I’m probably going to have to take a break from dystopian books before I drive myself crazy. Still, I have plenty more planned to read in the coming weeks and this book is only the first of many so I may bury my thoughts and keep reading because I want to know what’s ahead for the group.

Over on goodreads, I am giving this book 4 out of 5 stars because I really enjoyed it, the plot and the characters. I thought it was a perfect beginning for what’s to come in the next book, as I believe the next book has a different setting and main character. Although I’m hoping at some stage any loose ends will be tied up and amalgamated. Once again I am being very vague but I am aware as a reader that there is nothing worse than having a book spoiled before you even have the chance to buy it.

Anyway to wrap up readers, if you enjoy a good dystopian, Armageddon style plot, you should definitely pick this one up. Do keep in mind however that the characters are teenagers and children although I found it interesting; others could find it frustrating but definitely worth the read.


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