Daily Reads #6

Daily Reads Photo

I’m starting to think a relaxing weekend if harder to find than the Holy Grail, how is it possible for another weekend to have gone by so fast for us to be back in the same repetitive work cycle again?

To lift that gloomy work feeling if you’re like me the blessed lunch hour is what drags you forward, knowing that not only will you be sitting down to a warm meal but a few pages of a good book. This week I just want to hug my bookcase as unfortunately there has still been no advance in technology to help me read more than one book at a time. Dragging myself from the shelves and curbing my enthusiasm I have decided on two books to attack this week along with one I am halfway through.

My chosen daily reads this week are listed below and if you click on the title or picture you can check them out on goodreads. I started reading Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins during the Bout of Books #10 read-a-thon over the weekend but still have to finish it. Sticking with my May TBR list I’m going to try and start another two books this week,

Burial Rites – Hannah Kent


The Selection – Kiera Cass


Hope everyone has a successful reading week and be sure to check back for reviews and upcoming posts. If anyone has read these books or has any recommendations leave a comment and I will reply.


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