Mockingjay – Suzanne Collins


Once again I am left with an unfillable void as another trilogy leaves my clutches. I last experienced this feeling as I closed the last page of Allegiant and realised I was genuinely sad to lose a great plot, intriguing characters and a world that engulfed my imagination.

Mockingjay was beyond my expectations when it came to the direction the plot headed in. There were numerous enjoyable aspects of the book and the intense detail and description continued throughout the last book as it did in the first two.

The action and suspenseful moments were littered across the pages and I found it difficult to set the book down without being called back to enjoy the next instalment. I particularly enjoyed the extra attention given to previously unsung characters throughout the previous two books. Both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire focused on Katniss and Peeta, their relationship and ever changing attitudes. For me the third book contained Katniss and Peeta’s journey but also centred on the characters around them who primarily shaped them into strong, determined protagonists of the plot throughout the previous two books.

Due to the continuous high quality of writing, the character growth, plot developments, and addictive elements of the final book I am giving Mockingjay a 5 out of 5 stars on goodreads. To date the entire trilogy has received 5 stars from myself on goodreads and I believe even without the movie attention this series would be celebrated.

Something as descriptive and strategic as this trilogy has had to have taken serious planning as each book is neatly woven into the rest, no detail is overlooked and references from the previous two books are dotted across the pages. After watching the first two movies, I felt a little sad that anyone who had watched the movie but not read the books had missed out on the pure quality. I genuinely applaud Suzanne Collins style of writing and her descriptive qualities as it allowed me to imagine this dystopian world and the depth of relationships, love and cruelty. I felt the movies were well constructed in the time span, expressed the plot perfectly and captured the character’s personalities but they started and ended so quickly. When reading the books, I had time to love the characters, hate them, empathise and sympathise with the actions but felt numb through the movies because viewers had no time to fully understand the situation, the pain or happiness of the characters.

The Hunger Games trilogy without a doubt was a rollercoaster of a reading experience but one I would strongly recommend. A dystopian journey that is relatable to modern thinking of war and unjustified killing. Strong, lovable personalities and an addictive plot, this trilogy is every reader’s dream.


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