The Selection – Kiera Cass


I thoroughly enjoyed this book and cannot begin to explain my frustration at how it ended on such a cliff-hanger. Definitely need to place a book order next month and get the rest in this series.

The Selection follows America Singer, a girl from a lower and poorer social class who is one of many girls chosen to compete for Prince Maxon’s heart. Set in a future United States the country of Illea is governed by royalty and a group of girls have been selected to compete against each other to become the future princess. America Singer has a tough decision though because despite being set on leaving the palace immediately she’s beginning to enjoy the Prince’s company and is left with the difficulties of choosing between Aspen, a boy from home or Prince Maxon.

This novel may sound trapped in a young adult genre aimed at girls but there is so much more to the plot. The setting changes from a poorer area to luxury and it is interesting to see an array of characters adjusting to the different settings. I enjoyed reading about the different selected girls and their backgrounds, attitudes and personalities. Although there is an aspect of high school hierarchy throughout the female characters, there is more of an interesting aspect to their actions than the mundane school stereotypes that appear in many books.

I particularly enjoyed America’s personality as she is a strong, determined character that also appears timid on the outside and unaware of her confidence and strength. As the plot develops the reader can see her character grow in personality, respect and courage. I also enjoyed following her relationships with the other characters. The book displays family, friends and romance relationships which in turn aid character development and drive the plot.

Kiera Cass has developed an easily readable style of writing that also complements the fast paced plot. The majority of chapters end with a feeling of suspense and a warm invite for the reader to return if other burdens are calling. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and have decided to give it 4 out of 5 stars on goodreads. I will definitely be ordering the rest in the series soon and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a light, romantic read.




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