Eleanor & Park – Rainbow Rowell


As John Green explains on the cover of the edition I own, this book not only reminds you what it’s like to be in love but also what it is like to be in love with a book. That statement perfectly sums up the plot of this book; addictive, relatable in some aspects and beautifully woven into an eighties background.

Reading this book was memory jerking as it sent me back to those electrifying moments when I first held hands with my boyfriend or the seconds leading to that first kiss. Rainbow Rowell perfectly captures those primary moments in a romantic yet realistic way. Some authors that write romantic novels can spend pages spilling over the perfect details and the undying love of the two main characters, however Rainbow Rowell sets up the scene of two visibly different characters with equally differing home lives, wavering interests and slight cultural divides. As a romance blossoms on the horizon, the plot not only contains the growing relationship of Eleanor and Park but also the societal differences that affect their rapport. This creates not only a romance dominated plot but different focuses throughout the novel of each character.

For me the characters in this book were reflections of society, this made the book relatable to real life situations. It was nice to read a realistic interpretation of romance as not every detail can be perfect and issues occur around every corner. Many romance books are constructed solely on the two characters building a relationship however this book has strong elements of the plot focusing on Eleanor and Park’s families, friends and the school hierarchy they are part of. Eleanor and Park are interesting characters to follow, they aren’t popular yet they are individually on different levels of the social hierarchy. It is an intriguing read as the newcomer Eleanor settles into her new life and Park battles between his status and associating with the new student.

Rainbow Rowell presents the characters in the book through Eleanor and Park’s eyes. The reader gets to see what they think of each other as their relationship blossoms. As well as seeing what Eleanor and Park think of each other, the reader gets to see what they think of other characters and the controversy as they differ in opinions.

Another point I noticed was Rainbow Rowell’s writing style, it was casual but still contained depths throughout the book. The writing was consistent, easy to read and in the serious parts of the plot still remained suspenseful. I really enjoyed the writing style and characters of this book and it is something that has pushed me to consider reading another book by Rainbow Rowell.

Finally I really enjoyed this book, the characters, the overall romance and plot. I honestly couldn’t fault the book however I wish there had have been more, I found the ending incredibly sudden. I think this is something more personal to me though as a reader because I hate a good book ending. Over on goodreads I am giving this book a 4 out of 5 stars and Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl and Landline will definitely be getting added to my bookcase.


12 thoughts on “Eleanor & Park – Rainbow Rowell

    • mrsmamfa says:

      Oh no don’t tell me that! lol Maybe she does end them all suddenly…we’ll have to read Landline and see how it ends! 🙂 lol

    • mrsmamfa says:

      Such a beautiful book, I really loved it and have Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell on my wish list for next month lol 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

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