June Book Haul

So June saw me buying just a few books that I needed to complete some of the series I have started reading. I absolutely love trilogies and longer book series because the reader really starts to develop emotions for the situations the characters go through as well as begin to like or dislike individuals in the plot. Some of my favourite books are part of series so when I start a new one I will usually see it through. Below are the books that I bought this month, luckily for my bank account I didn’t buy too many and after my huge April Book Hauls I haven’t needed to buy many. You can find out a bit more about each book by clicking on the book cover.

Throne of Glass – Sarah J Mass


I have heard so much about this book, from what I’ve gathered it steps into the dystopian genre and also features and strong, independent and likeable main female character. I haven’t read a lot about this book because I don’t want to spoil it for myself and it is popular so the internet is probably littered with spoilers. Due to this I don’t know much about it but am very excited to read it.

The Elite – Kiera Cass


I am super excited to read this book and the one below as they are the follow up books to The Selection by Kiera Cass which I read last month. If you want to read about The Selection you can click on the book title above, however I have to say it was a great read that captured me from the moment my eyes read the first page. It was an unusual plot that ended in a sudden and inconclusive way so I can’t wait to start the next two books and see the direction the plot takes.

The One – Kiera Cass


The Unbound: An Archived Novel – Victoria Schwab


Once again I am excited to read this book as it is the follow on book from The Archived which was a mind blowing, and unique read. The Archived ended with me wanting more and a finality to the plot so when I found out a second book existed I was incredibly happy. As before I can’t wait to see the direction this plot takes and what will happen to the intriguing and likeable characters.

Although this was a much smaller book haul than my previous posts, I can’t guarantee it will be the last one of June. After all there is still another week and a bit left.

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