The Scorch Trials – James Dashner


Once again, my first description of this book is ‘Woah!’ How James Dashner was able to create a follow up that was as unique and as addictive as the first is beyond my thinking capabilities.

Unlike The Maze Runner, the landscapes in The Scorch Trails were different. The Characters weren’t confined to one area and had the freedom to roam within time constrictions and the trials. The hierarchy of the group remained with Minho, Newt and Thomas all dominating the group’s decision making. However the introduction of new characters posing new challenges made this plot more interesting.

The introduction of new characters posed issues of trust and betrayal throughout the plot which in turn made the relationships between the characters weaken and also left the reader intrigued to see who was friend or foe. Throughout the plot as the characters face even more horrific beings and creatures, they begin to grow in strength and courage. As individuals they become less fearful and more determined to reach the unforeseeable end.

Within the plot there is also a development on the creators part as the reader witnesses more scenes of who the creators are and their motivation for putting individuals through the trials. However I say this with anticipation because even at the end of the book I am still unclear as to why the glader’s are forced to do all this despite the extended knowledge.

James Dashner has a brilliant style of writing that is suspenseful, captivating and flowing. I particularly enjoyed the way chapters are formed in both The Scorch Trials and previously in The Maze Runner. They always ended on a cliff-hanger, a longing to know what will happen next and plenty of nights I found myself reading long past midnight just to find out what direction the plot would take. Dashner’s writing leaves the reader with a longing of anticipation, a hunger for the plot and a fear shared with the characters for what’s around the corner.

For The Scorch Trials I am giving a 5 out of 5 stars for sheer individuality and quality of writing. Also I enjoyed Dashner’s continuation of the first book, the characters and the differing settings. I genuinely enjoyed this book, and I am so excited about reading the next one! If you are interested in this series, I would recommend taking a step back and reading the first book, The Maze Runner. If you click on the link you can check out my review.


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4 thoughts on “The Scorch Trials – James Dashner

  1. Kara says:

    Hello, I’m writing an article over The Scorch Trials for my school magazine. I was wondering if you could answer some questions via email.
    1. Who is your favorite character from The Scorch Trials?
    2. What are your thoughts on The Scorch Trials?
    3. How hard will it be for you to wait for The Scorch Trials to come out?
    4. Why is the Maze Runner a good book series?
    5. Who is the most attractive character in The Scorch Trials?
    6. What are your expectations for The Scorch Trials?
    7. How long did it take you to read the whole Maze Runner series?
    8. What is your favorite part of The Scorch Trials?
    9. How would you rate The Scorch Trials from yay to nay?
    10. Who introduced you to the Maze Runner series?

    • mrsmamfa says:

      Hi Kara, thank you for the questions, I hope my answers are ok. If you need any more let me know. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

      1. My favourite character from The Scorch Trials was definitely Minho. He had such attitude and status in the Maze that it was great to see he maintained it throughout the second book. I really loved his character throughout the entire series but for me, he stood out in The Scorch Trials.

      2. I thought The Scorch Trials was a great follow on from The Maze Runner, it was very fluid in characters, personalities and plot. Despite the setting changing I felt it was just as exciting and allowed the characters more freedom to face new dangers.

      3. Assuming you mean the movie, regretfully I wasn’t impressed with The Maze Runner movie adaptation and it makes me fearful to see how they will portray The Scorch Trials on screen. I am such a huge fan of the books so I will probably see it, however I am wary. To read my full movie review you can click this link;

      4. Personally I feel The Maze Runner taps into that area of unusual and unique writing. It is an individual piece of work filled with suspense and intrigue. I loved it because it was nothing like I’d read before and had all the excitement and thrilling action of an addictive novel.

      5. I never imagined any of the characters as attractive so I’m not too sure.

      6. Assuming you mean the movie, if it is anything to go by with The Maze Runner then I’m not holding out hope that The Scorch Trials will be up to my expectations. A lot was changed and left out in The Maze Runner to the point that I am not sure how the producers can carry on into The Scorch Trials with as much justice as the book deserves on screen.

      7. I really enjoyed the series so I spread the books out across a few months because I didn’t want to finish them too quickly. I’m always hesitant to rush any books I’m enjoying because I don’t want them to end.

      8. I don’t want to spoil the book for anyone wanting to read it but I really enjoyed the beginning. It was fast paced, exciting and packed with suspense, to top it off the horrific actions and evil Wicked was evident from the very beginning, making the plot consistent throughout.

      9. I really enjoyed The Scorch Trials and I put all my thoughts about it above including a rating out of 5.

      10. I became interested in The Maze Runner myself because I wanted to read more books in the dystopian genre. I heard so many good things about the book across the internet and knew I wanted to read it as soon as possible.

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