Daily Reads #11

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Hey Readers!

So first I must apologise that I didn’t upload my usual Weekend Reads post. Unfortunately on Friday evening my internet cut out at the moment I was to upload my post and I couldn’t access the blog properly through my phone. Therefore I hope this weekend will run much more smoothly and for the time being that Daily Reads will fill any reading needs you all have.

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This week I will be continuing my reading goals from last week. I have started reading and will hopefully finish soon, Cinder by Marissa Meyer. This is an adaptation of Cinderella that ventures on a modern side of the traditional tale. In this book, Cinder is a mechanic and a cyborg so be sure to dismiss the beautiful and misunderstood image of Cinderella from your childhood years. However, this is a brilliant read and one that so far I would recommend.

The second book on my list this week yet again follows last week’s agenda; I am hoping to start reading 172 Hours on the Moon by Johan Harstad. I will hopefully be finishing up my first piece on the moon landings this week in work and therefore it would be the perfect companion read as I delve into the Lunar world and mankind’s advancement into space travel.

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In the reading world, this week sounds exciting for me with two great books and hopefully a weekend packed with reading too. With the end of the month imminent I feel challenged to read as many books as possible and keep working towards my reading challenge goal. As next week is the end of the month be sure to keep checking back as a Monthly Wrap Up and July TBR will be uploaded at the end of the week and maybe a book review or two.

Have a good week!


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