Cinder – Marissa Meyer

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This book is such an interesting take on the fairy tale of Cinderella. I expected there to be more similarities between the original and this one but it definitely makes a statement as a unique piece of work that presents Cinder in a new light and gives her a touch more strength and determination than the original Cinderella by the Brothers Grimm.

Cinder is a cyborg, dependant on her step-mother and expected to work to earn her keep. She is a renowned mechanic and as she is approached by the Prince to fix his android one day at the market, some new opportunities open up to her. The world is ravaged by a viral illness and as it sweeps across the population killing people in a matter of days and the moon is now inhabited by a powerful race hoping to gain control over Earth. Cinder becomes a valuable part in combatting these major issues but for a cyborg mechanic, she struggles with seeing her worth.

Cinder is an addictive read with an individual storyline and an ever-changing plot. It would be impossible to get bored reading this book as there is so much happening all at once. Set in the future it has this interesting quality that embodies a past monarchy and social status yet battles with modern technologies and advances in research. With such contrasting settings and characters it would appear the book is difficult to grasp but I found it such an interesting comparison and well-structured piece of writing.

The characters in the book are all on separate levels of intelligence, status and qualities as some are mechanical showing the once-thought impossibilities that androids can’t present emotions whilst others are humans living happily or begrudgingly amongst their non-human counterparts. Along with them there is the mysterious race of the Lunars who possess powers to control and manipulate so there is a vast array of characters to love, hate or ponder throughout the book.

Cinder herself is an interesting personality as she battles with her own identity and the issues that continue to present themselves throughout the plot. She appears to be stronger with a thirst for independence and a determination to achieve her own life which differs from the timid, beaten down image of the fairy tale Cinderella we all know. Many of the characters possess likeable personalities that aid the fluidity of the plot as you don’t dread turning the pages to encounter a character that infuriates the mood.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed Cinder and feel the need to add the next two books in the Lunar Chronicles to my Wish List. Over on goodreads I am giving this book a 4 out of 5 stars solely for the fast pace, individual storyline and action-packed plot. I love the unique qualities this book possesses and can’t wait to see where the plot will go next and what new and exciting character’s appear in the next books.

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