Weekend Reads #20


This weekend I am going away for a nice relaxing break with the other half. Despite my ideas of being anti-social and curling up by the beach with a few books, I am expected to be social. Therefore I am only mentioning two books that I will be attempting to read over the weekend.

This week has disappeared in a blur so I’m hoping the weekend doesn’t do the same. So I started reading the second book in The Selection series by Kiera Cass. The Elite so far continues the original plot line from the first book, however this is where it gets interesting. I have been so excited to read this book and now I can’t wait to get a quiet spot and a binge read over the weekend.


The Elite continues the plot of The Selection as America is placed in a difficult position between the luxurious and elegant life of Royalty with Prince Maxon and the life she’s always dreamed of with her first love Aspen. She is now one of the elite, down to the last few girls in the competition to win Prince Maxon’s hand in marriage and despite his feelings for her she holds the deciding answer.
It so exciting, I loved the first book, the plot and Kiera Cass’s writing style so I can’t wait to get time to myself over the weekend.

The second book I am hoping to start reading this weekend is A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. It seems to be a relatively short book but one that is filled with depth and mystery. I am really looking forward to starting this book over the weekend too because it seems fast paced and exciting. It is also very different to The Elite and gives me the option of different reading material. In A Monster Calls, Conor experiences a terrifying nightmare about a monster every night, the same nightmare he has been having since his mother began treatment. One night a monster actually calls to Conor but one different to the one in his nightmare. This new monster is after something of Conor’s, it wants the truth and only Conor can give it that.


Clearly I have a fun weekend of reading ahead of me, now all I need is to begin the journey up north and find a quiet, beautiful spot to spend my first day. If you would like to find out a bit more about my reading choices this weekend, click on the book title or picture.

Have a nice weekend Readers!

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