July Book Haul #1

So here is my first book haul of July as I have a few more books needing picked up later in the month. This book haul was momentary as I was persuaded to go to this specific bookstore with a money-off coupon. Now any readers or book-addicts can understand how this turned into more than a one-book buy. So I ended up coming home with a few books I had been hoping to buy and a few that just sounded interesting. So below are the books from my first July Book Haul. If you want to learn a little bit more about any of the books, you can click on their title or pictures and find out more over on goodreads.

A Monster Calls – Patrick Ness


I have already started reading this book and should hopefully have a review up soon. So far so good, it is such an interesting and mysterious read almost like delving into your deepest and darkest thoughts and feelings. This tells the story of a young boy called Conor who is dealing with his mother’s illness and how this affects his life. Every night he has a recurring nightmare about a monster until one night he wakes to find a visitor peering through his window. This strange and terrifying force wants Conor and more precisely it wants the truth from him.

Alice in Zombieland – Gena Showalter


As any frequent visitors will know I have taken a liking to the dystopian genre, so I couldn’t pass this book when I spotted it. Nothing looks better than an already weird and wonderful classic; shaken, stirred and twisted with a few zombies. I am really looking forward to reading this book and as mysterious as the blurb is, I am even more encouraged to pick up the book and start it. From what I can pull together Alice has lost her friends and family to a zombie attack and is stuck in the strange world of Wonderland. Either way this book sounds exciting, engrossing and exactly what I am after and the best part, it’s a series.

Alice Through the Zombie Glass – Gena Showalter


I got so excited when I found the first book that upon finding the second book I was elated. I love book series; sometimes one book just doesn’t do the plot justice. Now I am probably putting a lot on these books given that I haven’t even read them yet but I love classics with a twist and I’m hoping that they don’t let me down. *Fingers Crossed*

Close my Eyes – Sophie McKenzie


The cover of this book sucked me in, it looked so mysterious and appealed to my love of suspense, mystery and horror. All these seem to be ventured into at some point in this book from what I can gather from the blurb. Geniver Loxley lost her daughter eight years previously in an accident but she has never been able to bury her daughter’s memory. Geniver holds onto the hope that her daughter is still alive. She is visited one day by a lady who tells her Beth, Geniver’s daughter is still alive and as Geniver clings onto this hope against her friends and husband’s wishes, she unlocks a world of paranoia and despair.

This book just sounds exciting and addictive, could be putting this one aside as a holiday read.

The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governer – Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga


So I mentioned on a previous book haul how I had picked up at The Walking Dead book but was so confused because I couldn’t make sense of the comic’s, books, tv show’s …what came first?! Well it turned out I had picked up the second book in the series anyway but luckily in the midst of my book buying spree I came across the first book so it was a definite I had to have it.
This book tells the story of the origin of The Walking Dead, how the character, Philip’s life was turned upside down in a matter of hours as what appeared to be the dead rising and feeding of the living. He sets out with his friends, daughter and brother for a refugee camp but is presented with the obstacles of the walking dead between his party and a place of safety.
Hopefully these two books set the scene for me when it comes to The Walking Dead because as popular as it is, I haven’t watched or read any of it yet.

Abandon – Meg Cabot


Not only was I attracted to this book by the unusual cover but once I read the author’s name I knew I wanted to read it.

Pierce flatlined during a horrible accident a year before. During that time of death she visited a dark world and met an unusual and addictive boy. Now back in the land of the living, the mysterious boy known as John Hayden from her experience of death has turned up to school and despite the warning signs that he is dangerous, Pierce finds him irresistible. John wants to return with her to the Underworld, a place she never wants to visit again.

Abandon sounds twisted and suspenseful, I’m holding out great things for this plot and I can’t wait to get started.

The Astronaut Wives Club – Lily Koppel


We all know about the moon landings and the Apollo program but what about the family that stood back and waved their loved ones into Space. I have a huge interest in Astronomy and have recently been lucky enough to gain a position in a place that allows me to share my love of the topic. So with the Apollo 11 anniversary approaching I knew I needed this book.

From just reading the blurb on this book I was thrown information that I had never known before. These women were celebrities, fashion icons and wined and dined with JFK and Jackie Kennedy. They supported each other and many lived nearby helping to raise each other’s children and lend an ear when times were tough. Their lives sound exciting, empowering and a struggle as they went from military wives to the wives of astronauts. I can’t wait to sit down with a cup of tea and venture into this book and the world of the Space Race.

Well these are the books I gathered on my first book haul of the month, no doubt there will be more as we head further into the month so keep checking back.


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