Weekend Reads #21

Well I know this instalment of Weekend Reads is going up a little later than usual but I suppose it’s better now than never.

This weekend I will be spending the majority of my free time doing stuff for work so my reading list will be quite light. After finishing The Elite by Kiera Cass I am looking forward to starting the next book in the series. However I can’t decide between it or The Unbound which is the second book in The Archived series by Victoria Schwab. Due to this indecisiveness I am going to mention both books below along with the one I am reading now.


So over the last few days I started A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, it is a relatively short book with an enticing plot. The book is mysterious, dark and suspenseful throughout so I will hopefully finish it over the weekend allowing me to start something new in time for the start of a new week.


The Unbound is the follow up book to The Archived by Victoria Schwab and I am super excited to see what direction the plot takes. I really enjoyed the first book as it stepped into a unique area where the dead’s memories are stored like a library and sometimes they can wake up and wonder the realm between this library of The Archived and the real world. It was strange, unusual and addictive. Therefore I will probably start this book over the weekend at least.


Then again the other book I am toying over is The One by Kiera Cass which is the third book in The Selection series. The Selection tells the story of America Singer, a girl torn between the love of her first boyfriend Aspen and the Prince of Illea, Maxon. However the only way she can love the Prince is to win the selection set up by the palace to find his soon-to-be Princess. She is against a number of girls and despite the Prince’s feelings for her, many obstacles stand in their way, only one being her first love. I just finished The Elite by Kiera Cass this week and therefore the review will be up in the next few days. However I really want to know what is going to happen now, the plot headed in so many different directions in the first two books that I don’t know what to expect now.

The only certainty I have with reading this weekend is that I will be focusing on A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness but looking ahead I will probably start the other two books because I am inpatient and I am determined to know what happens.

I hope you all have a great weekend!


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