Weekend Reads #22

Happy Weekend!!

The sun is shining, I’m off this weekend and I don’t know what to do with all this free time. As of right now, lying in bed with a pile of books and endless cups of tea sounds like perfection.



As I mentioned in my Daily Reads update I have been reading The One by Kiera Cass and The Unbound by Victoria Schwab. I haven’t finished these books yet so I’m planning on continuing these this weekend, however I feel like adding another book to the mix. If I get a lot of time to read this weekend I would also like to start The Death Cure by James Dashner and the last book in The Maze Runner series.


I haven’t read the blurb, looked at the book or researched it on goodreads because I don’t want to ruin one paragraph of this book for myself. I have no idea which direction the plot can go in now as everything that has happened in any of the first two books was so unexpected, unimaginable and amazing all at the same time.

Therefore I am so excited to get stuck into this book as well that I can barely sleep, if only there was a reasonable way to stay up and read all night without being exhausted and ghost-like the next day. Anyone that finds a way please let me know and coffee, energy drinks, energy tablets or copious amounts of sugar does not count!

Well I hope all of you have a great weekend, whatever it is you may be doing!


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