The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Trailer Teasers


So we have all been exceptionally patient and even then it destroys me a little that we are all waiting on the movie of only the first half of the last book. Honestly it’s an ultimate *sigh* moment. I’m sure all of you can imagine back to that moment in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One, you were settled, bracing yourself for what was ahead and suddenly we’re zoomed away and the credits are appearing. WHY do directors keep doing this?

Now I get the whole idea that Mockingjay was a pretty big book, it was dense in areas but overall I think the whole series has been too. I couldn’t believe the original Hunger Games movie flew through some of the details that stuck with me for days after reading them. Anyway let’s focus a bit more on the trailer and brace ourselves for the very exciting first half of Mockingjay.

So we got a very exciting look in at a Capitol TV broadcast and my goodness, what a way to introduce people to the third book. Mockingjay carries on from where Catching Fire left off and for those that have read it, just seeing Peeta standing there gave me chills. Remember in Catching Fire we saw the games interrupted by an explosion in the force field and Katniss was lifted onto a hovercraft. Things are about to get interesting.

Next we were given this very spine-tingling trailer of Capitol TV interrupted by a pirate transmission and Beetee announcing ‘the Mockingjay lives…’ Now when I was reading this book my heart was in my mouth for parts of it but wow, this trailer really captured the intensity of the moment, probably even better than I could have imagined. Still we hadn’t seen what was in store until now.

Bam! This is what we wanted, now when I originally saw the Capitol TV report, I was covered in goose bumps, President Snow was presented so perfectly and Peeta’s lost expression until the end was incredible. However, now we see the action unfolding, the people fighting and Katniss joining them whilst Peeta stands beside the President. It’s exactly what we needed, we can see the quality, the effects and the setting, and I’m actually quite happy with what I’m seeing so far because it is exactly how I imagined it.

I can’t wait for the next teaser but how am I going to cope until November!! If the first half is out in November how long will I have to wait for the second half! I was genuinely upset when I finished The Hunger Games trilogy so I’m glad that I have the movies in my life but it makes it a lot easier when the trailers look appealing and exciting. Fingers crossed this is consistent throughout!


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