Amulet: The Stonekeeper – Kazu Kibuishi


This was my first experience of a graphic novel and I loved it, it was a nice change to have some illustrations coupled with dialogue and minimal descriptions because all the colours and settings were right there.

The images throughout Amulet were beautifully designed and coloured. They were a great visual representation of the plot and I thought the colours mirrored the feel of the plot as it started to become unusual, unique and suspenseful. Another aspect I found interesting about this graphic novel which is probably consistent throughout all graphic novels is being able to see the expressions on the characters faces. This made a big difference during emotional parts of the plot and you could empathise or sympathise with the characters.

Despite the lack of paragraphs and extended descriptions, the plot was easy to follow and it left a sense of imagination to the reader as the only guidance you have is the images. The illustrations are informative and help the plot move at a steady speed but it was a nice change to see the story unfold rather than imagine it.

I genuinely enjoyed all aspects of this especially as it was my very first graphic novel. I was so annoyed when I reached the end of Amulet and it was over, so I headed straight onto Amazon and ordered the next two in the series. The only thing that I found enjoyable and at the same time strange was being able to read Amulet in just over an hour, so if anyone has any recommendations for longer graphic novels, I would like to add more of this genre to my bookshelf.

I am giving Amulet a 4 out of 5 stars on goodreads because I loved its individual plot, the layout of the novel and the entire concept of a graphic novel. I am so excited about reading the rest of the series and would recommend it to anyone wanting to try reading a graphic novel or who is looking for something new.


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