Amulet 2:The Stonekeeper’s Curse – Kazu Kibuishi


After trying out Amulet as my first graphic novel I was immediately hooked and knew I wanted to read more of the series. In the past week I have read the second in the series and have the third one lined up ready to go. The fourth novel could be in the post by the start of the week at this rate.

The second in the series was a great follow on as the reader has been introduced to the characters, has created emotions towards the characters and is familiar with the plot. The first book ended on a cliff hanger so the second book eases the suspense and introduces the action. Each book seems to have a particular task for the characters to overcome so as a series I think it has been divided up into manageable chunks for the readers.

The characters in the second book are more developed and become more defined as villains or friends of the Stonekeeper. They are a mix of different characters, as Emily, Navin and their mother are trapped in a mystical world called Alledia with mechanical characters, some based on animals and others individuals of an active imagination.

As the setting is a mystical land the possibility of anything happening is always lurking in the background and their is a continuous suspense as the Elf King is after Emily and her powerful stone. The Elf King has powerful allies in all beasts and creatures and therefore there are always new intriguing characters being entered into the plot.

As mentioned before each novel focuses on a definitive section of the plot and as it stands I am not sure where it will end or what is needed to be achieved of emily and her friends to secure the future of Alledia. However I am happy there are still a few novels to go as I am really enjoying the plot and the mystery. Like the first book, the illustrations in this novel are beautiful and portray the plot perfectly, the characters expressions are detailed and its amazing how quick this series is to read yet understand and enjoy.

I gave Amulet, The Stonekeeper’s Curse 4 out of 5 stars on goodreads and I would definitely recommend this series to anyone wanting to venture into the graphic novel genre. I can’t wait to continue this series so keep checking back because I will no doubt have the third novel read and reviewed in the next few days. Also if anyone has any recommendations of graphic novels I would love to add some more to my book shelves.


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