The Selection Stories : The Prince and The Guard


After finishing The Selection series last week I was upset and feeling lost, a part of me was missing. I had that unmistakable feeling you get when you lose something you love, particularly a good book or in this case a series of books. Then came my birthday and I opened this little beauty from my other half who had been put through the distress calls of my book loss over the past week.

This book was amazing and gave an insight into the thoughts of Prince Maxon and Aspen over the course of The Selection. It was great to see the competition from a different angle and point of view. These two characters played such big roles throughout the plot and the only things we knew about them came from the protagonist America.

As well as seeing from Prince Maxon and Aspen’s point of view there are some new angles to the plot like what goes on behind the scenes when the boys weren’t with America. There are also some new relationships introduced as we see the parent and son relationship between Maxon and the King and Queen, as well as some new relationships between Aspen and the rest of the palace staff. Throughout this book it is intriguing to see how the boys feel about America; from the series we only see this from how they act around her and what they say. At least from this we can find out exactly how they feel towards America.

These stories are basic novellas and cover some of the main parts of the plot. For example it is not a complete retelling of the plot but more a selection of important or shocking parts that give us an insight into the boys’ thoughts. It is also interesting to know not just what they’re thinking but how they view what’s going on around them and how they see other people.

As a fan of The Selection series, this was the icing on the cake for me. I know this selection of stories was released before the final book but I decided to read this after completing the series and for me it was nice to reflect back on the plot as a whole rather than live in the suspense of how the competition would end for America.

I am giving this book a 4 out of 5 stars on goodreads and would definitely recommend it to anyone who has read and enjoyed The Selection series. For me I loved Aspen and Prince Maxon throughout the plot and was happy to have this little extra to ease me over the finish line of this lovely series.



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