The Fault In Our Stars – Movie Review

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So I know this movie was released a matter of two whole months ago and I’m a little late jumping on the train. However I wanted to enjoy this movie without the hype and without being surrounded by a crowd of people to witness the blubbering mess that I expected myself to be at the end of the movie.


Overall I felt this film adaptation was very well done, now whether that was because of John Green’s watchful eye and participation throughout the movie’s production or due to a good director and producer I’m not sure. Either way I thought the characters, setting and plot was well presented.


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I found Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort perfectly suited to the characters’ of Hazel and Gus. I thought they perfectly embodied the personalities of both characters and justified my image of both characters throughout the book. It didn’t take me long to get over the previous sibling relationship they had in Divergent only a few months previously.


The smallest mannerisms, such as Hazel’s strength, confidence when speaking with Van Houten and quirky remarks were well presented by Shailene Woodley. I felt she showed not only Hazel and her illness as she struggles to breath in some scenes but also her human, personal side despite the cancer. As Gus asks ‘What’s your story, not your cancer story?’ I believe this was the case also with Ansel Elgort and his role as Augustus. He captured perfectly Gus’s outspoken and honest personality from the book. We were able to see his cheeky smile, his kind nature and his values in friendship and kindness. I felt this strength by the actors in portraying both characters perfectly, helped to improve the quality of the movie and depth of emotions for the turbulent ending that we all dreaded ahead. 




The setting of the movie once again was what I could have hoped, such as the homes well represented the personalities of the characters, the church and heart of Jesus mirrored perfectly the unsettling support group and the trip to Amsterdam was all wonderfully done. Particularly in Amsterdam I felt the time period in which the scene was filmed was quite well done may it be deliberate or not. It wasn’t sunny, warm or tourist rich. I felt this muggy, calm background sat well with the part of the plot. The kind of limbo in the plot when events are beginning to change and the emotional rollercoaster is not far off. The blinding sun was not there to represent the happy, positive trip as things did not go as hoped in Amsterdam and yet there was no rain as Gus and Hazel made the most of their holiday and enjoyed it. Small things like lighting and positioning helped add to the emotions, drama and feel of the plot and definitely made a difference in this movie as they led the viewers by the hand throughout the plot.


Back in January when I wrote my review for The Fault in Our Stars I had mentioned how it was renowned and I may have expected more of it as I held it high in my estimations before reading it. A bit like the movie I believe that only once you have experienced it, walked away and thought about all the small details that add to the plot can you fully appreciate it. Once the movie had finished I thought the ending was a little unusual but upon reflection I can’t imagine a better way to end it.




The only other criticism I had about the movie was that I thought the featured novel, ‘An Imperial Affliction’ could have been developed upon more but like any other movie adaptation, there is a strict time limit and although we as readers can enjoy every detail over a few hours or days, unfortunately they must be condensed for the big screen.


I would highly recommend The Fault in Our Stars, book or movie edition to anyone who wants to read or watch a struggle, a journey, a friendship and a romance all combined into one enjoyable experience. I loved every moment of it and can only hope as a John Green fan that any future movie adaptations will be done to an equal if not higher standard.



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