The Death Cure – James Dashner


I can’t explain how much I loved this series; it was amazing, unique, intriguing and addictive. I had to read the entire series and just find out what was going to happen. At the same time I once again suffer from the irreplaceable void that is left behind by a great series. Although I have reached the end of the series, I still have the prequel to read which I am super excited about, so at least I still have something to hang onto for the meantime, or at least until the movie is released.

The final book had all of my favourite characters from the first book, this was something I could rely on from James Dashner. He seems to build a relationship between his reader and the characters as the reader sympathises with the characters’ situations and their feelings. Although most of the events taking place were dangerous, nail-biting and in some cases upsetting, the reader knew what to expect from the characters throughout as they had gotten to know them throughout the series.

Concerning the characters I was surprised by the events that took place, as usual I had no idea what direction the plot was heading in. Without spoiling the plot for future readers, I couldn’t believe what happened and yet the emotions were running high and the ‘feels’ were unbelievable.

This series is just so unique, it’s impossible to guess what will come next because there is still a remaining element of mystery right up until the final page. Even the settings are remarkably unusual and yet relatable as some of the plot is set in a dystopian apocalyptic city. The settings I found were one of the most interesting part of the book as I found them realistic and in some ways futuristic, maybe even a foresight into the future as you never know what humanity is possible of doing.

Dashner is becoming one of my favourite authors and not just because of the high quality of this series but because of his writing style and ability to continue in such a consistent and fluid style across three books. I haven’t read the fourth prequel just yet but I know the same constant quality lies ahead of me. The last time I felt this was evident in an author’s work was Veronica Roth in the Divergent series and I believe that this style of writing makes a huge difference across the entire reading experience.

Now I know I haven’t written a lot about this book but I don’t want to spoil the book or series for any potential readers. I couldn’t recommend this entire series more to any dystopian lovers. Even any readers that are looking for the perfect book to spend the Autumn evenings with.

I gave this book a 4 out of 5 stars on goodreads, I genuinely loved it and I am sad to see it go. As I mentioned above at least I have The Kill Order and the movie to look forward to and keep my connection to The Maze Runner. If you haven’t read it yet, add it to your TBR, you will not be disappointed.


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