Amulet 4 : The Last Council – Kazu Kibuishi

I have been patiently waiting until I could read the next instalment in the Amulet series by Kazu Kibuishi and finally I made the time over the weekend. The Last Council was the fourth graphic novel in the Amulet series and one again did not disappoint. Like before this book focused on it's own plot … Continue reading Amulet 4 : The Last Council – Kazu Kibuishi

Shadow and Bone – Leigh Bardugo

I am not going to hesitate in saying that this book was an amazing read. It fed right into my love for the dystopian genre and within a matter of pages I was hooked. In a nation called Ravka, the citizens are divided by their abilities. Those with powers join the Grisha, a magical hierarchy … Continue reading Shadow and Bone – Leigh Bardugo