Paper Towns – John Green


I didn’t expect any less from a John Green novel but to say I enjoyed Paper Towns would be an understatement. I truly loved it! It was fun, capturing and mysterious all in one plot. The characters were unique and interesting to read about. Despite being set in a conventional school setting I found this novel had a little of something extra to it.

I mentioned above the characters were a highlight to the plot. Margo was exciting, thrilling and guided the plot into many crazy corners between blue paint and Sea world. I genuinely loved her character and the mystery surrounding her, she comes across on the outside as an all american sweetheart and as the reader starts to learn more of her character we begin to see a rebellious and intriguing side, for all that she is present within the plot.

As for Quentin, he was the sensible character and yet as the book develops we begin to see a more adventurous side to him. Throughout the novel he develops and we see his growth as a person rather than skills. His friends, Ben and Radar add to the fun, humorous and light-hearted parts of the plot helping to move the plot along with their conversations and daily activities with Quentin.

I love the relationship factor of the novel, the friendships and the generalised school hierarchy that is evident in the plot. The changes as Margo disappears and the strengthening and weakening relationships that seem to have a positive outcome for all involved.

I really loved the referrals to classics in the plot as I studied English back in University and was always amazed at how reading a poem or a book was an experience in itself to the reader. However when you headed to the lecture specific to that piece of literature, everything you had thought was only scratching the surface of the true meaning. Honestly I used to sit in my university lectures and wonder how anyone truly knew what the author was writing about, what they were thinking when they were writing and what exactly they wanted their readers to think. With this in mind, the fact that Moby Dick, Whitman and Greek mythology plays any part within the plot immediately increased my appreciation of the mystery and I was intrigued to read the interpretations of John Green as he included such controversial and renowned pieces of literature.

I am giving this book a 4 out of 5 stars on goodreads because I thought it was great, exciting, fast paced and fun to read. It was a high school mystery, serious in a sense yet lacking the maturity of Miss Marple. For me this plot had everything necessary for a good YA novel, likeable characters, fluid storyline, addictive plot, I would definitely recommend it. As for any fans of The Fault In Our Stars, treat this book as an individual read and don’t be expecting the heart-stopping emotions that plagued us all within it. However the memorable characters and personalities are something I’m beginning to wonder could be a trait for John Green.

For anyone that has read Paper Towns and enjoyed it, the move adaptation will be released next Summer. I am already super excited about it as some great actors and actresses have been mentioned. Hopefully we can expect something of the same quality if not better than The Fault In Our Stars and especially if John Green keeps the same watchful eye on the production as he has previously.


6 thoughts on “Paper Towns – John Green

  1. Alex J. Hughes says:

    Great review! He definitely does a fantastic job with the characters in his books. I agree about the way he incorporates the classics. That’s tough to do and it’s seamless in Paper Towns. Interested to see how the movie turns out, think it has potential.

    • mrsmamfa says:

      Thank you for commenting, I really enjoyed Paper Towns and I have no idea how he weaved in the classics,I can’t imagine it being easy. I really hope the movie is good, the book seems to cover a lot of ground so it will be interesting to see how they do it. 🙂

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