Landline – Rainbow Rowell



Once again I was not surprised by the sheer quality of this novel. Landline is the third book I have read by Rainbow Rowell and I thoroughly enjoyed it, same consistent writing, likeable characters and relatable situation. In saying this, each book has an individual charm and unique stance and this is why Rainbow Rowell is gradually making her way onto my list of favourite authors.

Landline was a blast in the past as the main character struggles to repair her marriage and role as a mother. Like much of society today Georgie is stuck trying to find the balance between work and family life. Georgie’s job is demanding, requires long hours and as she and her colleagues are on the brink of new opportunities she is forced to stay home whilst the rest of her family goes on vacation. Whilst they are away on holiday she finds herself back in her family home where she connects her retro yellow landline to phone her husband. However she finds this mode of contact not only allows her to talk to him while he’s away but allows her to connect with his in the past and rekindle the lost relationship they once shared.

The plot of Landline is a beautiful portrayal of love, work, family and self-discovery. I especially enjoyed how relevant the storyline was to life nowadays as people find it difficult to find a balance between a career and family life. As so few opportunities become available on the job market, often people are forced to devote time and effort in exchange for time with loved ones and friends. Therefore I felt that this book in particular was relatable for readers, quirky and showed how life is not about work.

The characters within this book were reflections of the everyday man, personalities that readers can recognise from daily acquaintances or family members. I really enjoyed reading about Georgie’s relationship with her mother and sister because I felt her mother’s attitude towards her situation and the lack of understanding reminded me of someone I know so well who overshadows others life events with their own. I found the differing personalities of Georgie and Neal interesting because as much as they appear incompatible and lacking the stereotypical charms of characters in romance novels, they worked well together and their relationship appeared more realistic compared to the fairy-book romances that repeatedly feature in novels.

The book is set in Los Angeles however Neal is from Nebraska which portrays this all-American character who sets out for an adventure in the big city only to find it might not be for him. This type of setting I always love as there is the constant conflict of differing societies and upbringings parallel to the issues experienced by the characters.

Overall I gave Landline a 4 out of 5 stars on goodreads as I thought it was brilliant, relevant in today’s society yet quirky and charming. Anyone who has read a Rainbow Rowell novel before will enjoy this as it is consistent to the quality you will recognise or expect. For those that haven’t experienced Rainbow Rowell’s work, this novel would be a perfect place to start; I would recommend it for both those who enjoy Young Adult and Adult books, so definitely check it out.

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