What a Girl Wants – Lindsey Kelk


I love any book by Lindsey Kelk and I always do nothing but sing praises about her books. This one was no exception; it was laugh-out-loud funny, engaging and adventurous.

What a Girl Wants continues the story of Tess Brookes who in the first book, About A Girl is an organised workaholic who loses her job and finds herself impersonating the life of her roommate. She accepts a job in place of her friend and finds herself jetting off to Hawaii as a photographer.  To read my review of About A Girl click on the book title above or the book cover at the bottom as What A Girl Wants continues Tess’s journey and features the same lovable characters in equally extravagant locations.

Lindsey Kelk could not have done a better job of continuing the same humour from the first books and I actually found What A Girl Wants to be even better than the first book. However I think this is from the small fact that I as a reader was introduced to the characters from the first book and therefore my expectations of their personalities and actions were portrayed perfectly if not better than I’d hoped.

All of the characters were likeable and I even found myself wishing I had friends like Tess. I even found myself in a love-hate relationship with the characters that are supposed to be disliked as they were so interesting or exciting. Tess as a character is the perfect protagonist as in both books in the series she is growing, learning new things and developing confidence. As well as this she is a strong character, sensible and yet filled with fun.

Regarding characters, one point I find in reading any of Lindsey Kelk’s books is that so many of the personalities in her characters are realistic, they make human mistakes, do silly things and are left to face the consequences. Therefore when the characters feel embarrassed or happy, I as a reader felt I could relate to or sympathise with the situation and this is something I think adds to the enjoyment of the book. I experienced the same feelings after reading Bridget Jones Diary because so much was addressed through Bridget’s character that women do feel, making mistakes is normal and not all plots in books need to have a high fantasy setting. As a reader sometimes I just enjoy reading about the average woman and admiring how she can be just as heroic in her everyday life.

In most of my reviews I usually address the settings in novels, however I don’t want to talk too much about the settings in What A Girl Wants as it could give away too much of the plot. In this case though I will say that most of the settings within the plot are extravagant and Lindsey Kelk describes them perfectly to the point where you can see Tess walking around in a room or in the street. As with the first book, Tess travels to far and exciting places, sees new cultures and a life outside of her London flat, but I won’t say anymore as I don’t want to spoil it for potential readers.

I cannot recommend this book more and especially to fans of chic-lit, fans of Lindsey Kelk or anyone looking for a good humorous book. Although I would recommend reading About a Girl first as it will set the scene for Tess and her life whilst introducing you to all the characters of the book. I gave What A Girl Wants a 5 out of 5 on goodreads as for me it was just perfect. I really loved this book and I cannot wait to see if there will more in the series, no doubt whatever the next book is by Lindsey Kelk I will anxiously be waiting on it.

Give it a go!


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