Amulet 4 : The Last Council – Kazu Kibuishi


I have been patiently waiting until I could read the next instalment in the Amulet series by Kazu Kibuishi and finally I made the time over the weekend.

The Last Council was the fourth graphic novel in the Amulet series and one again did not disappoint. Like before this book focused on it’s own plot filled to the top with action, suspense and excitement.

As Emily, her brother and mother along with their companions find their way to Cielis, they begin to wonder if it is the place they were hoping for. People are acting strange and despite many attempts they are prohibited from meeting with the Guardian Council. With unusual things going on around the city, they soon realise something isn’t right and it has to do with a powerful secret.

This novel is no exception from the first three books, it is beautifully laid out and the plot is so visually exquisite. One factor that keeps me coming back to the series is the detailed graphics, the ability to not just imagine the plot as you read but see for yourself the characters as the writer visualises them. Very rarely can a reader experience a plot the way the writer has imagined it and with graphic novels this is a possibility.

There are a few new characters in The Last Council who help aid the fluidity of the plot, as well they introduce some new friends and foes of Emily as she tries to continue her mission to get home and help the land of Windsor. The characters are colourful, possess individual personalities and give the novel some extra fascinating features. I will not hesitate to admit that I love the characters in this novel and cannot wait to see where they end up next. I enjoy the creativity of some of the characters as the plot is littered with monsters, robots, elves and many more creatures, both terrifying and adorable.

As each book has a separate focal point, the settings differ as the series continues. The Last Council is mostly set in Cielis and the beautiful settings of the wealthy buildings and the town’s peoples homes enhances the graphics and beauty of the novel whilst taking the reader on a visual tour through the city.

On goodreads I am giving The Last Council a 4 out of 5 because it was a wonderful follow-up to the third book. I cannot recommend this series enough as it’s plot is addictive, the drawings are exquisite and the dialogue is fluid and humorous. I am already trying to find time for the next two in the series.



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