Amulet 5 : Prince of the Elves – Kazu Kibuishi


After finishing the fourth book in the Amulet series I was determined to continue this exciting adventure of Emily and her friends on their quest to protect the people and bring peace to Alledia.

Prince of the Elves focuses primarily on the preparation for battle as the Elf king now has in his clutches one of the most powerful items in the country. Emily and Vigo have survived the strange goings ons at the Guardian Council and are now the only remaining members. They must team up in their battle against the Elf King and lead the soldiers of Cielis to battle. Not only does Emily have a battle ahead of her but she must conquer the voice of her stone that appears to be more menacing than she imagined.

This book is fast paced, exciting and inventive as the stonekeeper’s begin to fully understand the power of their stones. Written in dialogue in the form of speech bubbles, the plot flows quickly and efficiently and the reader can follow what is happening easily.

For anyone that has read my previous reviews on the Amulet series, I will apologise in advance but I can’t help but mention again how beautiful the illustrations are in this novel. As the characters explore new powers and as more weird and wonderful creatures are being introduced, the quality of the images becomes more intense and precise. With the novel being filled with colour, I feel that the mood of the plot is led by the colour scheme. As this book in particular is quite intense with preparations for battle there is a lot of black, grey and icy blue used throughout the designs. It is safe to say that the tension is felt through not just the dialogue but the presentation of the action.

Once again the reader is taken through numerous settings in the book, allowing the exploration of Alledia and a chance to further admire the beautiful and intricate designs. As the plot continues the characters grow more confident and independent. Thinking back to the character of Emily, it is amazing to think of how her character has come along since accidentally stumbling on the task left for her by her great grandfather.

As I enjoyed this book so much I am giving it a 4 out of 5 stars on goodreads, it was exciting, easy to read and visually addictive. Check out my review of Amulet: The Stonekeeper, if you are interested in this series.


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