Weekend Reads #31

Happy Weekend Everyone!

This weekend I am super excited to be spending it with my other half as it is his birthday. We have planned a weekend trip away to a lovely town in Southern Ireland…despite only coming back from our holiday in Spain. I suppose this is a way to ease back into the daily working life after having such a wonderful break.

As I am hoping to have relaxing weekend away, I will be taking with me two books I am hoping to finally get finished. These two books are Geek Girl by Holly Smale and Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, with playing catch up in work I haven’t had the time to devote to finishing these books and therefore I am hoping to take time out now that I have ticked a few tasks off my list.


Geek Girl by Holly Smale tells the story of a high school student called Harriet who despite being incredibly intelligent is seen as the class ‘geek’ and is therefore unpopular. She has little to no friends except for her best friend Nat and when she is forced to attend the Birmingham Clothes Show, Harriet is presented with the chance to reinvent herself. A funny and charming story, that so far is a fast paced and fun read.


Fangirl is living up to my expectations of Rainbow Rowell as so far it is amazing. It tells the story of two twins who head to college only to realise they want totally different experiences from their college years. As fans of Simon Snow, their addiction has helped them through some tough times. Spending hours reading, writing and hanging out on fandoms, Wren wants to leave the world of Simon Snow behind and explore the life of a college student whilst Cath wants to continue in the comforting world she knows. However with Wren no longer by her side, a fragile father at home and a professor who detests the world of fan fiction Cath is left wondering if she can get by.

So before we go any further I must apologise for the lack of a Daily Reads post this week. I ended up deciding not to put up a Daily Reads post on Monday because I would be putting up my September Wrap Up and October TBR post a few days later. This post mentions the books I will be reading throughout the month of October and therefore I didn’t want to create any overlap or repetitiveness.

So I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and starts of the month of October in true reading style.


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