The Maze Runner Movie Review

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I waited so long to see this movie so when it finally came out I was beating my way to the front of the queue. Anyone who hasn’t read The Maze Runner needs to jump on that bandwagon immediately because it will be like nothing you have ever read before.

So there is a lot I want to talk about in this movie so if you haven’t seen it yet this could spoil the movie for you, in other words you could find out something that might disappoint you and I don’t want to be the cause of that. I’m not a big fan of spoiler reviews however I will try not to make it a spoiler as such but more of a discussion. If you haven’t seen The Maze Runner yet and want to, I would recommend seeing it first before venturing any further.

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The first point I want to make about the movie is the casting, I honestly felt that all the boys’ characters were so well portrayed. Dylan O’Brian was perfect as Thomas and I felt he did the character justice even down to the facial expressions. He was exactly what I had imagined Thomas to be like and I couldn’t have been happier with his portrayal. I also felt the same of Blake Cooper who played Chuck, Aml Ameen who played Alby, Ki Hong Lee who played Minho and Will Poulter who played Gally. I was a little confused over the casting though because I felt throughout the movie it wasn’t very well explained who each person was. For most of the movie I was turning to my mum and other half and asking ‘Where’s Frypan? Who’s Winston? Is he Newt?’ There are very slight comments made about who each person but if you miss them it’s hard to know who is who. Overall I was very happy with the casting, everyone was very well thought through and exactly how I imagined them.

One aspect I was so excited about was seeing the glade and the maze. I could not wait to see how they would portray it, especially with technology and the ability to make things so realistic. I was not disappointed, the glade looked phenomenal, and the so-called societal structure was there, the high walls, the glader’s. I thought everything looked amazing right down to the forest and the pit. The only issue I had with the portrayal of the glade was the homestead; it wasn’t how I imagined it. I saw it as a rickety old wooden house with a few storeys. This change was seriously noticeable during the part of the plot when the walls don’t close and the grievers come into the glade. I really enjoyed the suspense and tension of that part of the book, as the boys are boarded up in the old homestead, waiting on the grievers attack. I feel the suspense of this scene was compromised for reasons I don’t fully understand, I would have loved to see the grievers slowly and menacingly crawling up the walls whilst the boys wait fearfully on the attack. I know this makes me sound a little sadistic but hey, it was a book filled with tension and I wanted to see that transferred in the movie adaptation.

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So this paragraph is essentially my rant and should be avoided by anyone who hasn’t already seen the movie and wants to as it will talk about some things that I found particularly unusual. For instance in the movie there is no telepathic communication between Thomas and Teresa…WHY NOT?! For me it was an amazing part of the book, it not only features in the first book but also in the second and for some very strong reasons in the plot, so why not include it?

Another point is that WICKED was spelt as WCKD in the movie which again is an important part of the book as it stands for the creators and World In Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment Department. What on earth does it mean in the movie then, why would you change such a minor detail? On that note, where are the beetle blades, the significant reason that the glader’s know they are being watched?

Moving on not only are details missing but many things were changed, why are grievers in the movie a cross between a crab and a scorpion? When I read the book I imagined the grievers a bit like slugs on chain rollers, with huge spikes and extended claw arms emerging from a gooey slug-like back. In the book they were terrifying for me because of the tension and suspense as they rolled with each click, click, click of their cogs until they noticed a glader and suddenly their speed increased and their weapons showed. I was so looking forward to seeing such an amazing unique, interesting creature that James Dashner had created and yet even it was adapted in the movie to have crab-like legs, terrifying speeds, and scorpion like tails.

Talking of grievers, the hole that they disappeared into in the maze was non-existant in the movie? No flat-trans, no cliff and no strategic side-jumping on Thomas’s part. So much was missing from the movie that I felt contributed to such an exciting, thrilling and unique book. I loved The Maze Runner so much that I read the entire series and yet I don’t know if it would be worth my while going to see the second movie. For those that have seen the movie adaptation and read the book, you will know there were many more details that were missing or changed that I haven’t even mentioned yet. Such as a helicopter at the end instead of a bus, no grey sky in the glade and no window in the maze where Thomas sees his first griever.

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So although I mentioned a few things that I found a little annoying in the movie adaptation I understand that movies are usually compact and they fit in so much detail given the original was a 400 page book. However I can’t decide if the movie did the book justice because so many details were changed. The pace for me felt a little compact and too quick. As a movie The Maze Runner was good, especially for anyone who hasn’t read the book, it would no doubt be a fantastic movie. However for those who enjoyed the book, the plot, the characters, the quirks and the small details that made it what it was, I felt that the movie let me down. For me I think the producers ran with the idea of The Maze Runner and made it their own, it was fabulous in its own way but for me I wanted to see the book on screen and too much had been toyed with.

I would love to hear what others think about this so please comment below; these are my opinions however I value the opinions of others. Comment below and let me know what you think.


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