Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell


Like most books I read each week, this one was recommended by so many in the book-blogging and booktube-ing world. It was shelf-sitter for too long and only now that I have read it am I truly angry at myself for leaving it so long. It was amazing, like all Rainbow Rowell book’s before, this one did not disappoint and followed in true tradition by capturing my attention in an almost addictive grip.

The characters in this novel are lovable, likeable and downright hilarious. Reading this book made me wish I had a University lifestyle like Cath’s. Despite being an introverted person, a successful blogger and a talented writer, Cath is surrounded by new opportunities at college and begins to grow as a person. Cath’s twin sister Wren is opposite in every way, she is more extraverted, adventurous and knows what she wants from college. However Wren still has a lot to learn too and so their first year at College helps them both grow as individuals and sisters. The people around the twins such as Reagan, Levi and Courtney are all different in personalities and styles and the reader gets a broad view of campus life. The characters that Cath and Wren meet throughout the book help to mould the girls in their first year at college and personally I really enjoyed the other character’s input and contribution to the plot altogether.

One of my favourite aspects of the plot was Cath’s fanfiction blog about Simon Snow and the connection between it and the main plotline. It was really interesting to read a snippet from Cath’s fanfiction site or the original Simon Snow novels before each chapter. There were the parallels between Cath’s work and the original novels and then there were the comparisons between the life of Cath, Wren and the rest of the characters with the blog site and book in the plot. As a reader I was in a way spoilt for choice, as there are at some points in Fangirl two separate plotlines and it was interesting to have that throughout. At one point I was reading a few pages of a blog post by Cath regarding Simon Snow, and it took a few minutes to realise this was a separate story inside the original Fangirl plot as to be honest I was becoming hooked. I’m pretty sure that I am not alone when I say that I can understand Cath’s obsession and enjoyment from the world of Simon Snow as it so closely parallels with the mass fandom of Harry Potter.

As I slightly mentioned earlier the majority of the plot takes place on a University campus which made me pine after that lifestyle once again. However I found it interesting that throughout the plot, the twins were not only experiencing college life but it was juxtaposed perfectly with their home life and family. There is a balancing act going on through the book and I particularly enjoyed the fact that the twins didn’t have this perfect college life with perfect friends. Rainbow Rowell showed that college can be hard and stressful at times and not only is there your life at college but there is still a life at home and a family. With all of Rainbow Rowell’s books I value how she concentrates on creating a realistic plot with characters that readers can relate to even if they do appear a little unusual. Everyone has experienced a stressful situation or a strange person at one time or another so although a book may be a place to escape for most readers, sometimes reading about realistic situations happening to other people can still be as much of an escape as an invented world with creatures and extraordinary beings.

This book develops at a quick pace and I found it hard to put the book down as it grabbed me from the first few pages. This plot was forever developing and there were no buffer chapters throughout as every page contributed in some shape or form to the entirety of the book. I genuinely enjoy Rainbow Rowell’s writing style as it is easy to read, conversational, emotive and embraces all the qualities of a good book. This is something that has been consistent throughout all of her novels and if you haven’t yet had that pleasure of experiencing one of her books I would highly recommend it.

I have given this book a 5 out of 5 stars on goodreads because I thoroughly enjoyed every part of it. I would love for there to be a follow up novel, even about the characters after college and their next steps. I would recommend Fangirl to anyone who enjoys the young adult genre, even to those who enjoy chick-lit as it blends into a few genres in the course of the plot. Either way it is worth reading and especially for those who are fans of Rainbow Rowell.

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4 thoughts on “Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell

  1. Sam says:

    I loved this one, too. I wrote fanfiction in my younger years and really attached to Cath’s character. Rowell did a great job telling the story. Great review.

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