Daily Reads #27

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Hello Everyone!

This week has really hit me hard with how difficult it is to be an adult. You have responsibilities and things to do, bills to pay and all round there is a lot more expected of you. Maybe it’s just me but with every task I tick of my list, it seems to be replaced by another and another and another so when a new week begins I’m back to having a million things to do. Is there a time when this gets easier, any good advice out there? I’m not naïve in the sense that I didn’t know what was ahead of me as I grew up but seriously sometimes it just feels overwhelming and I am grateful for even an hour to unwind with a good book.

This week is jam-packed with things to do so reading will no doubt be minimal, no surprises there. I don’t have the security of my Sunday off this week and every evening I am out and about doing something. With this in mind I am hoping to continue on with one book in particular whilst still playing catch up on last month’s books that I started.

The book that I am hoping to continue reading this week is The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey, the follow on from The 5th Wave, also by Rick Yancey. I can’t wait to review this book later in the week and get it uploaded. Has anyone else read these books, what did you think?

Keep checking back for more updates throughout the week, I will hopefully have a few posts going up over the next few days.



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