Motivation for the Month

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As of this year I have stepped out of my comfort zone on a few occasions and realised a few things about myself that I didn’t know before. The first being that I enjoy books of a dystopian nature and the second being I like read-a-thons; that extra kick in the right direction to help reach my monthly reading goal.

Although this may not be of interest to all readers I have been trolling the internet for at least one reading challenge to help me polish off that goodreads reading challenge and maybe top it with a few extra books.

With this being said, November seems to be a relatively quiet month for read-a-thons despite finding one that I have particular interest in. I know that a particular holiday is around the corner and for most people it can go either way at this time of the year. So Christmas can either be a word for festive cheer or for November a word that many people would prefer stayed buried for a few weeks yet. However I have stumbled upon a read-a-thon called the Christmas Spirit Read – A – Thon which takes place between the 24th until the 30th of November. For me it would be the perfect introduction to my favourite holiday of the year; Christmas. For those that don’t share my enthusiasm, I do apologise for mentioning Christmas so early on, despite the decorations, selection boxes and presents in store already beating me to it.

The Christmas Spirit Read-A-Thon I not restricted to holiday themed books as this decision is left entirely to the reader; however I will probably throw into my reading list some themed novels. It will also have a twitter check in and I’m assuming what could become a discussion with fellow readers under the hashtag #CSreadathon. It is not a requirement to sign up to the read-a-thon either however if readers decide to it can be done through many different social media websites. So if anyone is interested do click on the picture below and follow the link.

christmas spirit read-a-thon 2014

I am a huge Christmas buff and love the build up to the big day, buying presents and hanging twinkly lights. I love the glow of the lights from the tree, Christmas Pyjamas and a mug of hot chocolate with a great book so this reading challenge will be something to look forward to for me. If anyone decides to join in on the read-a-thon or if you know of a great holiday themed book, please comment below.

Good Luck


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