The Kill Order – James Dashner


I was hesitant to finish this book as it is the final in The Maze Runner series and would finally be the end of this series for me. My hesitation was only increased by the inaccuracies and changes made throughout the first movie and I knew I couldn’t rely on it them as my final connection to the books.

The Kill Order is the prequel to The Maze Runner series and explains how certain events took place and their origins. Overall The Kill Order tells the beginning of the Sun Flares and how it affected people throughout the world. I expected this book to contain a lot of information on some of my favourite characters from The Maze Runner and how they ended up in the situations they did. However this book was concentrated heavily on new characters such as Alec, Mark and Trina who all survived the Sun Flares and focused primarily on how their survival affected their lives. This book traces further back to than I expected, to long before Thomas was introduced and although this wasn’t something I had seen coming, it was still an interesting read.

Whilst reading the first three books in The Maze Runner series I developed a love of many characters and thoroughly enjoyed following their journey through the trials. At the beginning of The Kill Order I was lured into a false sense of security as the book begins with Thomas and Teresa, however it isn’t long developing into a different story with new characters. I really like Alec’s personalities throughout the book, an ex-soldier, no nonsense, smart and unpredictable in many situations. He made the plot fun and carried much of the story through as he led the group on. The majority of the plot was centred on Mark and despite his ordeal I couldn’t help but find him a little irritating in some parts as he came across quite introverted and disinterested. There were parts in the book when he needed to snap out of his thoughts and claim his role as protagonist; however I think it was important for Dashner to give Mark this unfocused role as it led readers to wonder if he was affected like many others or in the right state of mind.

The book took place once again in a very recognisable and relatable surrounding. One point I find a little disturbing and frightening about Dashner’s series is the realisation that these are all possible scenarios. Therefore the settings for each of the books and The Kill Order included are perfectly described, imaginable and equally surprising because they can all be related to in a rational way.

I would definitely recommend this book especially if you have read The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure, however definitely read it as the fourth book in the series as it could spoil a huge chunk of the main plot in the series. Overall I am going to give this book a 3 out of 5 on goodreads as I did enjoy it however I missed the characters from the rest of the series and there were parts in this book that I felt were longer than necessary. I will stress though that if you haven’t read The Maze Runner, definitely pick it up as it is a phenomenal read and The Kill Order was without doubt a great accompaniment to the series as a whole.



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